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Adham Khan’s tomb suffers neglect

Mehrauli (New Delhi): Ancient monuments suffer neglect and continue to turn into ruins. Adham Khan’s tomb at Mahrauli became a recent endangered monument when its turret caved in and wall crashed down. This Mughal period monument of Adham Khan, commander of Mughal Army and son of Akbar’s wet-nurse, was built by Akbar who, on becoming annoyed, got him killed. Though its design resembles the architecture of Lodhi and Suri period is famous as bhulbhulaya as people get lost inside it because of several gates. Recently a turret caved in alongwith adjoining wall. While some people say that heavy rains were responsible for its fall whereas others believe that it was demolished. ASI officials state that there is a pipeline adjacent to the damaged turret. Continuous seepage damaged the foundation and it had developed cracks. Because of heavy traffic it posed danger to the people hence it was dismantled. They promise that it shall soon be repaired and restored to its original form. The place has become a den for gamblers and has also become an open air toilet for passers-by. ASI declares its helplessness in tackling the goonda menace and is contemplating about making it a ticketed monument to curb the menace of unwanted intruders.