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Dhaula Kuan rape brings disgrace to Mewat Muslims

The recent rape case, in which a Mizoram woman was kidnapped at Dhaula Kuan when she returned from her job, has brought disgrace to Muslims of Mewat. All the five suspects were arrested from that area and all are Muslims. Their Muslim identity has given the media a long stick to beat the entire community. Not merely their names were flashed continuously on the electronic media but their Muslim identity was also repeatedly harped upon.

It is meaningless to point out that Delhi has become a haven for all kinds of criminals. Not a single day passes without reporting crimes of one kind or the other – murder, dacoity, rape, kidnapping etc. However, in most cases the suspects are either non-Muslims or the group remains a mixed one. Because all the suspects are Muslims in this particular case and the place from where they were nabbed is a Muslim locality, Mewat is now suspected as a criminal den. It is, however, worthwhile to recognise the fact that adjacent areas have been immensely benefited by various development projects but this area has systematically deprived of all kinds of benefits. Neither educational facilities nor employment opportunities have been extended to this region whereas its neighbours, Gurgaon and Noida, have been bestowed with all kinds of developmental plans. It retains its old backward status. Such neglect, needles to say, creates criminals. The media and administration never bothered to raise developmental issues nor have the political bigwigs showered any bonanza. For Congress it remains a safe and sure constituency, hence no need to attend to its problems. Mewati Muslims, inspite of rigorous tablighi activity, retain their past links and continue to follow several non-Muslim rituals.