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Askari Masjid-Gurudwara dispute: administration gears up

Saharanpur: Lest the land dispute between the two parties gets further escalated and take an ugly turn the district administration has geared up its machinery. First, it issued written instructions to the Guru Singh Sabha to maintain status quo and stop construction in the disputed area. Then it procured official record from the city municipal office which shows the existence of the mosque. This was in wake of verbal duel between the contending parties. Meanwhile, mediators stepped in and reminded the contenders to keep Guru Nanak’s ideals in mind and refrain from allowing the matter to slip out of their hands. It was decided that fresh measurements in presence of representatives of both the parties be undertaken. Hence, in the presence of the city magistrate the measurements were made. A naib-tehsildar, with the help of four patwaris completed the task. Exact outcome of this has not yet been made. Draughtsman has been asked to prepare maps. Reports are awaited. Though efforts for reaching an amicable solution are in progress; BJP does not want to miss the opportunity to fuel the sentiments. It is trying to persuade the Guru Singh Sabha leaders to desist from negotiations. However, the city magistrate has taken not only the members of the contending communities into confidence but also involved renowned public leaders of different political parties – specially the ruling BSP. Let us hope and pray that the matter reaches an amicable accord acceptable to both the parties.