Islamic Perspectives

How Islam is the solution?

It is said in Muslim societies that Islam presents the solution to every problem.  It is very easy for Muslims to say that Islam is a solution for all problems of the world. But how is Islam the solution? How Islam solves the problems? Our experiences in daily life describe Islam only a religion, just like others such as Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism etc.

Looking toward Muslims’ difficulties in their own countries, increasing human rights violations in the Muslim world, the worsening situation of Muslim women, especially those who have been divorced, poverty, illiteracy and crime rates – these all go against the idea that Islam has the solution to every problem. Non-Muslims ask: if Islam presents the solution then why Muslim countries and Muslims themselves are unable to stop human rights violations, why they are unable to resolve most of their problems? Sometimes, we see that the condition of non-Muslim countries and non-Muslims is better than Muslims in every field. Current Muslim countries’ attitudes suggest that man-made laws are more effective than the laws enshrined in the Qur’an and Hadith.

The question is how is Islam a solution? How non-Muslims can agree to this idea? How will they be able to understand the abilities of Islam?

Our non-Muslim friends ask us: if Islam is a solution, why most workers are being exploited in most of Arab countries? Why Muslims and their Arab kafeels (sponsors) do not give them their real rights which were promised to them when they were selected? Why Muslims and non-Muslims have similar problems in most Arab countries over their jobs and salaries?
What is the need of human rights organizations in Muslim countries if Islam is the protector of human rights and advocates respect for human values, rights and the duties.

We are ready to accept the beauty of Islamic banking but why Muslim countries do not apply Islamic banking in their own countries? And why the sound of Islamic banking came to focus in Muslim countries only after the current financial collapse in America and other countries. Why the western banking systems are being applied in the Muslim world? The current banking system in which “riba” (usury/interest) is allowed but Islam bans it totally.

How is Islam a solution is a crucial issue for non-Muslims and a wake-up call for Muslims, as well. There is no example of even one single Muslim country where Islamic laws are being applied and where Darul Qada delivers judgments according to teachings and the injunctions of the Qur’an.

Are five times prayers, performing Hajj and Umrah and keeping fast during the month of Ramadan enough to say that we are Muslims and that this is Islam? The actions and deeds which are forbidden in Islam and Qur’an cannot be allowed in Muslim countries, yet they continue with the support of governments and administrations.

Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi