Mulayam’s apology puts pressure on Congress to apologise on Babri

With Mulayam Singh accepting his fault and apologising to Muslims for embracing Kalyan Singh some Muslim groups have demanded from the Congress to do the same for Babri Masjid demolition. It is believed that in the wake of this demand gaining strength in north India will have its effect in political scenario in one way or the other. It is still not apparently clear whether Mulayam’s seeking pardon from Muslim community for taking support of the Babri face of the BJP Kalyan Singh will help to win back Muslims that drifted away from Samajwadi party over this issue. There are indications that if not all but some may turn towards Mulayam, which is considered a setback for Congress’ overwhelming Muslim support as in the last elections in the state. Jawed Habib, president of All India Babri Masjid Action Committee, has welcomed Mulayam Singh accepting his mistakes and said that the Muslims were very angry with the Samajwadi Party for shaking hands with Kalyan Singh. Habib further said that now when Mulayam Singh has distanced himself from Kalyan Muslims may consider pardoning him. Jawed Habib also said that the Congress after taking note of Mulayam’s apology must seek pardon from Muslims for the demolition of Babri structure in Parliament. In coming days Muslim leaders would meet to discuss over the issue. Sayed Zainul Abedin Ali Khan caretaker of Ajmer Dargah said that in the wake of Mulayam’s poor show the divisive forces in the state would gain and it is believed in Islam that once an individual seeks pardon we, as Muslims, should forgive him provided with an assurance from him that he will continue to work for Muslims. However, Maulana Haafiz Mohammad Jawed has termed Mulayam’s apology a political gimmick. Mulayam’s move is seen as a result of the defeat of his son’s wife in Firozabad and declining political support and strength.