Curse on Gujarat Home Ministers, history shows

Ahmedabad: Believe it or not, but becoming home minister in Gujarat, proves politically dangerous. This has happened with almost all the home minister in Gujarat's history so far. Let's start from Hitendrabhai Desai govt, whose home minister Jayrambhai Patel couldn't win election and lived as cooperative sector leader in his life time later on. Chief Minister Ghanshyambhai Oza kept home ministry with him, and he was thrown out of the politics of the state so badly, that he could never come back.

In Babubhai Jashbhai Patel govt Popatlal Vyas was home minister. Vyas couldn't win elections after that. Prabodh Rawal became home minister in Madhavsinh Solanki govt, and then never could win an election. When Madhavsinh again formed govt, Jitu Shah was made state home minister. Shah couldn't win afterwards. His political career has almost ended.

Chimanbhai Patel made Prabodhkant Pandya as minister of state for home. Pandya couldn't win election. C.D.Patel was another home minister under Chimanbhai, who had to resign due to differences with the chief minister. Patel passed away after some time. Narhari Amin became home minister, but couldn't win any election then after. He changed his constituency lastly, to lose again.

Keshubhai Patel govt's minister of state for home Shri Haren Pandya was not given ticket by Narendra Modi. Pandya was murdered as novice. He was not MLA even when he was killed. Suresh Mehta govt's minister of state for home Shri Mahendra Trivedi is just another common man these days. He is thrown out of the politics entirely and now seen in Dayro and musical nights in audience.

Vipul Chaudhary who was minister of state for home in Shankarsinh Vaghela govt couldn't win assembly election then. He is now small player in north Gujarat's dairy sector after losing last assembly election from Bhiloda.

Another minister of state for home under Keshubhai Patel and Narendra Modi govt, Shri Gordhan Zadafia also couldn't win any election once he stepped down from his post. He has formed MahaGujarat Janata Party. He contested Bhavnagar Lok Sabha election lastly, but lost.

The latest is Amit Shah, who stepped down from the post of minister of state for home after charge sheeted in connection with Sohrabuddin encounter case. Shah's political future is in question, as he is charge sheeted and, he has to fight long battle to prove himself as innocent.

So now, when Modi has selected first time MLA from Himmatnagar Shri Praful Patel as his home minister, we would wish him best, but at the same time, it would be interesting to see, whether he continues the tradition of earlier Home ministers, or he breaks the tradition this time.