Communal riots at many places in the country

Ratlam: Communal riots erupted in Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) on 3 September night after which curfew was declared in two thanas of the city. On 4 September situation was under control, though tension was still there. Meanwhile police conducted search operations in which arms in large number were recovered and arrest of unsocial elements continued. According to police, a rumour spread regarding throwing of dung in a place of worship in Station Road Thana area. People in large number took to streets who were armed with sharp-edged weapons and set fire to vehicles parked outside the houses. The crowd also stoned the houses. When police reached the spot, they fired tear gas shells and also fired in the air. When tension still continued, District Collector Rajinder Sharma imposed curfew in about 14 areas of the city. Large number of police force was stopped by some people, the angry crowd stoned a police station; resulting in injuries to about 11 police personnel including station house officer. A procession in Tarana town was being taken on the occasion of Janmashtmi but police, in view of namaz time and fearing trouble, diverted its route which angered the people who started pelting stones at the police station. Police resorted to lathi charge in which four persons were seriously injured. They were sent to Ujjain for treatment. No arrests however were made till the time of going to press.

In Son Bhadra district’s Vidhi Kotwali area of UP, Dola precession on the occasion of Janmashtmi was being taken out when stones were pelted resulting in injuries to a policeman. On receiving the information about stoning and violence, DM and SP reached the spot and controlled the situation to some extent but on September 4 again conditions deteriorated because of mischievous elements. Inspector Incharge of Vidhi Kotwali was transferred and FIR was lodged against more than 100 un-known people and 13 identified persons.

In Muradabad also communal trouble started when Ram Dol procession on the occasion of Janmashtmi was asked to take its old route instead of the new route. Police which was accompanying the procession tried to stop it when it (procession) turned to a new route for which no permission was given because there was a mosque on this route and as a precautionary measure the procession on this route was not allowed. When the police tried to stop it, the processionists indulged in violence and there was a stampede when they pelted stones at the police which compelled them to flee and take refuge in different houses. Many persons and policemen were injured. It is reported that four persons were arrested, case against 50 known and 150 unknown persons were registered.