BJP governments receive PM’s pat

New Delhi: Both, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Narendra Modi, have much to rejoice on their governance which earned them pats from none else but the prime minister himself. This is more creditable in the sense that their performance surpassed that of other states in implementing welfare schemes for the minorities. They can now proudly claim to be minority friendly much to the chagrin of the Congress and the leftists. The measures were suggested by the prime minister and the progress was monitored by the ministry of minority welfare.

The prime minister had planned a 15-point national scheme. In a cabinet review presided by the prime minister it was found that Gujarat along with other nine states had developed "standard operating procedures" to prevent and control communal riots. By his efficiency Narendra Modi succeeded in improving his image which had so far been extremely negative. Goa as well as Karnataka have also developed similar mechanism as these too are quite prone to communal tensions. Except Haryana no Congress state developed such mechanism. Maharashtra with flashpoints like Nanded and Malegaon did nothing in that direction.

Shabnam Hashmi, however, pointed out that there exists a vast gap between ground realities and paper presentation. This she said in view of her past experience in the state where she had been working for communal harmony.

Madhya Pradesh earned a pat for implementing the central scheme of madrasa modernization by steadily upgrading madrasas under the Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madrasa (SPQEM).