“I offer my seat to Kavita Karkare”: Azam Khan

Muhammed Azam Khan, is a seven time Member of Legislative Assembly from Rampur, UP, apart from being ex. Member of Rajya Sabha (Upper House) and bears no charge of corruption in his political career of three decades. He is the co-convenor of Babri Masjid Action Committee and is one of the strongest proponents of the Babri Masjid campaign. Today, he sits expelled from Samajwadi Party (SP) over the issue of Kalyan Singh’s, the prime architect of Babri Masjid demolition on Dec 6, 1992, induction into SP. Haider Abbas, catches up with him in an exclusive interview.

How do you consider the coming verdict on Sep 24 of the title suit of Ramjanambhumi/Babri Majid?
I am sorry. I am not an isolationist. But, I am wondering as to what the courts are to decide? If courts are to decide in favour of temple, then temple is already there. Congress PM Narsimha Rao, had got it built for two days. Until Dec 6-8, 1992, the temple replaced the Babri Masjid. If the courts are to decide in favour of the Muslim side then I wonder whether the Central Government under Congress, today, has the guts to say that it would make Muslims take possession of that site. Manmohan Singh is maintaining a deafening silence and is yet to clarify whether he would make Muslims possess the Babri Masjid site.  
Excavated graves in the northern area of Babri Masjid complex above floor 2 Ayodhya
Excavated graves in the northern area of Babri Masjid complex above floor 2 Ayodhya

So you are disillusioned?
I am totally disillusioned about the post Sep 24 scenario and in fact I see that there is a certain ploy to resurrect BJP, the anti-Islam and anti- Muslim party from its dwindling spree. Wasn’t the same Congress government at the Centre, on Dec 6, 1992 and despite its bawl, was the Masjid saved? Today, RSS chief has said that they would act within the ambit of law. This would mean that RSS would act the same way it had acted on Dec 6, 1992. Did not the RSS protégé Kalyan Singh government stood by an affidavit, in the Supreme Court, that nothing was to happen to Babri Masjid? And, what happened? Babri Masjid lay demolished to the connivance and concurrence of Hindu fascists and terrorists. Both are equal in-their-complicity to the demolition. Yet, we have been made to bear the farce of Justice Liberhan Commission. It is a piece of dust. Fit for the dustbin. What did the Congress government do? Did it recommend initiation of the conspiracy charge against LK Adavani-the prime-most villain of Babri Masjid demolition? The criminal case today, being run at Rae Bareli, UP does not have a conspiracy charge!

You seem quite skeptical?
Muslims stayed back in India in 1947 on the foolery and canard spread by Congress. Constitution was brought. It brought a false pride that everyone was equal. Is everyone equal? When is this going to analysed? Muslims were willingly getting fooled. There was to be a Congress culture to be followed. Riots became the essential ingredient. Nielle massacre, Muradabad riots, Blue Star all happened, within a specific time, under PM Indira Gandhi. She inherited it all from Nehru, under whose rule of 16 years and eight months, there were more than 10,000 riots! The script was the same. Muslims died, their properties burnt, their families wrecked. Their businesses gulped. False implications in police cases. Muslims killed in cold blood, their killers-in-uniform(police) getting promotions and medals and not-in-the-uniform becoming representatives of Hindus in Assembly and Parliament. The spirit of the Constitution and script (enactment) of it is totally juxtaposed. The story is nothing but Muslim cleansing.

How do you find both Congress and BJP and their politics?
BJP is purely communal and Congress is spurious. Both are anti-Muslims. Both want there should be no third voice in the country. BJP would play for Hindu vote bank card openly, Congress would do the same, with a sleight, and meanwhile make Muslims vote for it, for (in)security from BJP, hence, Muslim votes are a Jaziya for their safety. If there were no Gulf jobs for Muslims India would have found a fewer Muslims. Spain would have become second India.

Can you cite an example?
There are a thousands of examples. The three recent ones are the way Raja Sulieman of Mehmudabad has been treated by his own Congress party. His properties are all sacked. Why? Because of Congress. Their hearts burn at the site of a well-to-do-Muslim. Sulieman’s grandfather was the first VC of AMU. His family’s contribution to Muslims in the country is too immense to elaborate. The second is the way the Congress sponsored bloodbath is going on in Kashmir. Maoists and Naxilites kill Indian security forces who do not fire in return. Why? Because they are their own people. Kashmiris are not India’s people and they are Muslims. So, their brick-batting will be answered by incessant firing. There is a growing list of those killed in Kashmir everyday. The third is the recruitment drive of Bhagwa Brigade in Madhya Pradesh. All MP is awash with posters of Hindu Yodhya Bharti Abhiyan. Its agenda is to make Hindu India. Congress, the opposition party, is silent as usual. Digvijay Singh whose sweet homilies on Muslims, falsely implicated in the charge of terrorism, is sporting a dead stone silence. This is the typical of both the Congress and BJP. They want to make merry with their terms of governance- with a union to scuttle any third front voice. Glory be to the dance of democracy. It feeds on Muslim dead bodies-which ever be the way.

What is then your stand vis-à-vis Sep 24?
The judgement is a much awaited occasion. Muslims have been heaped with an accusation that Babar destroyed the temple. I very evenly trust that courts would do justice-at least to the Muslim’s claim that nothing had happened as such. Moreover, I ought to make a standpoint that during the Archeological Survey of India excavation of the Babri Masjid site, there was found another mosque below the Babri Masjid! And, graves of Muslims facing Mecca, adjacent to the mosque were found too. There was not an iota of a temple remnant found from below. Muslim side of the case is extremely packed with evidences. But, I appeal Muslims to exercise restraint as courts are yet to prove if Muslims would get their possession too; in case the judgement comes in favour of the Muslim side.

What political fallout do you see in the wake of Sep 24?
It is straight. If it goes against Muslims then Muslims would go to appeal for a stay-order and would contest it in the Supreme Court. If, it goes against Hindus, they would not go for the appeal. They will try to spill it all over the streets. The UP assembly elections of 2012 are not very far. Bihar is already into its election fever. RSS might foment widespread riots. They have tested it again on Sep 15 when whole of Rampur, Bareilly, Aligarh etc was on the streets-the whole night, apprehending an earthquake. It was the same rehearsal when RSS had spread the rumours that Lord Ganesha was drinking milk. The automatic corollary would make voters polorised to the advantage of BJP. This is how our democracy works. All at the cost of Muslims. With Muslims bearing the cross of making Pakistan, whereas, Congress was equally responsible, and now, cornered and scuttled to the barrage of the charge of terrorism.
There has been some talk of an out-of-court settlement?
Ans. Those making it are stoking a mockery into the face of the judicial system. This is not the case of a husband and a wife divorce or two individuals fighting over a wall. This is a case of law. Muslims have fought it, as their hope, in the legal system, is the last vestige. Muslims have been facing the biggest onslaught, from all corners in India, from much before Sep 11. There is an existential crisis of Muslims in the country. There is a chauvinistic, fascists, majoritarian Hindu politics in the country, which trains its guns only on the hapless Muslim minority of the nation. I don’t know how many more Karkare’s are required to unravel even the semblance of any truth.

Can you elaborate?
I, in unequivocal terms, condemn the initiative of an FIR against the writer of the book Who Killed Karkare SM Mushrif. I forward my accolades to Pharos Media to have published such an enlightening book on the subject of grave concern. Instead, of congratulating SM Mushrif, the police has got an FIR, through its crony, against the writer and the publisher. This is to axe the truth in the most grotesque style. I too demand a re-investigation into the murder of the martyr Hemant Karkare. I offer my seat to his widow Kavita Karkare Ji.

Seat from where?
In the last parliament polls I had sought from Mulayam Singh Yadav that he make Kavita Ji fight on SP ticket from Rampur. Mulayam Singh did not listen. Now, I am independent. I will resign tomorrow if today she says that she is willing to contest from Rampur. I want to pay her tribute. Not by the way Rajasthan CM had given her a shawl. Muslims believe in law. Muslims believe in respect. I will try to reciprocate the reverence Muslims have for Hemant Karkare. I will see that she wins by the biggest margin in UP.

How do you see Mulayam Singh Yadav reaching out to Muslims with an apology on Kalyan Singh induction after he had expelled him?
I had demanded apology to the nation eight months back. But, it came after SP ruefully lost the Dumariyaganj by-election seat by fairing fifth. This necessitated the apology. Then, came also an understandable surprise. Only the next day Shivpal Yadav, his younger brother and leader of opposition in UP assembly, generalised it by saying that big leaders engage into such apologies on daily basis. So, SP as a family-party is still to find a consensus on it. I had called BJP CM Kalyan Singh a ‘murderer’ not only because of his role in Babri Masjid demolition but because of what he once said that he got killed Muslims, in a ratio of 1:4 and controlled a riot in Aligarh. But, my ex. party embraced him and expelled me from party which I had myself founded.

What is the status of Muhammed Ali Jauhar University in Rampur?
It stands today on a sprawling campus without an affiliation. Today universities are running like departmental stores. Even bookies have started to run them. But, I stand victimised. Because, I am a Muslim. Which I am proud of. The present UP government has framed me in 55 cases. I am fighting them all. We are however running engineering classes now.