Quaide Milleth Award For Probity to Hamid Ansari and Aruna Roy

Quaide Milleth Award For Probity In Political/Public Life (2018) to Hamid Ansari and Aruna Roy

Chennai: The Quaide Milleth Educational and social Trust instituted the Quaide Milleth Award for probity in Political\Public Life in the year 2015, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Trust. This award shall be presented every year to people with exemplary track record and commitment to India’s Constitutional, Democratic, Values, Secularism, Pluralism, inclusive and service for marginalized people.

Furtherance of the Honour taking place every year, with which this year the jury endeavoured and found the people who are thriving to serve for the Nation and being the part to make democracy strong.

Under the auspices of Alhaj. M.G. Dawood MiaKhan Sahib, The General Secretary and Correspondent of the Quaide Milleth Educational and Social Trust has bestowed  “The Quaide Milleth Award for Probity in Political/Public Life”  for this year to His Excellency Honourable Dr. Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Former Vice President of India and Smt. Aruna Roy, Social Activist & Founder of Mazdoor Kisan Shakthi Sangathan.

The Award Presentation Ceremony held at Quaide Milleth College, began with the Qiraath (Citation of Quran Verses) followed by salutation to Tamil Thai Vazhthu.

Dr. A. Rafi, Principal of the College, welcomed the gathering for the Award Ceremony. He shared the brief history of the college with the milestones it has reached by highlighting the facts that the college has achieved 89% of placement last year and heir  the NAAC certification recently. Then he marked the achievements of the dignitaries and their exertion rendered for the society.

Then, Padma Bushan Janab. Moosa Raza, I.A.S (Retd.), Former Secretary to Government of India and Chairman S.I.E.T., was called upon to preside over the Award Ceremony. In his presidential address he mentioned the Awardees as the “Children of India” who are awarded by The Quaide Milleth Educational and Social Trust.  He also added by stating that Hamid Ansari is a very humane who respect people and excellent in performing his duties. He (Hamid Ansari) has done a commendable job when he was an Indian ambassador for Saudi Arabia by bringing investments from these countries. And he added that  “The whole world will listen to him when he is silent”. Moosa Raza also brought Aruna Roy’s contribution to a broad day light. She has championed “The Right to Information Act” and “The Right to Education”

The above two recipients of the prestigious award were felicitated by Shri.Gopalakrishna Gandhi, Former Governor of West Bengal, Dr. Mufti Khazi Salhudeen Mohammed Ayub, President of QUEST, Rev. Bishop Dr. Devesagayam, Church of South India (Rtd) and T.K. Rangarajan, Rajya Sabha Member.

  • Shri.Gopalakrishna Gandhi ironically commented that at the present scenario people with Probity and Honesty are to be searched.
  • Dr. Mufti Khazi Salhudeen Mohammed Ayub went to the root of this award giving, which has been derived from the altruistic life and ideals of Quaide Milleth Sahib.
  • Rev. Bishop Dr. Devesagayam has applauded the idealism of the recipients and requested the future generation to imbibe the same.
  • T.K. Rangarajan, appreciated the leadership qualities of both the awardees.

The felicitation was followed by the citation of the award by Alhaj. M.G. Dawood MiaKhan Sahib. He emulated the values of Quaide Milleth for constituting this unique award. He reminded and compared the fact that as a politician Quaide Milleth abided the Law, respected the Constitution of the country and at the same time he remained uncompromising on his values and Policies.  But today’s politics has become the place for corruption. He added the Quaide Milleth Award is not just to Honour but also to introduce the great minds to the society and to recognise their admirable contribution to the Nation.   He also brought in the history of Quaide Milleth that he was the Leader of Masses due which he was elected as Member of Loksabha for 3 consecutive period without going to the constituency.  He requested Mohammed Hamid Ansari to resume his work as the Nation requires his service. He called Aruna Roy as “Women of Intolerant” because she is intolerant towards the fascism, against the one who oppresses and discriminates the downtrodden.

A minute of silence was observed to honour the demise of The Senior Journalist Gniani and National Herald Editor and Chief Mr. Neelabh Mishra.

Smt. Aruna Roy, proclaimed her gratitude for receiving the award in the name of Quaide Milleth – Member of Constitution to promote Secularism. She expressed that Quaide Milleth was her Ideal who taught her the Constitution. She questioned the Powers that “Why are you afraid of pluralism?” and she emphasised one Nation, one thinking, one Ideology concept is not possible in a secular country like India. She felt and interrogated that “What happened to the Nation”, nowadays people with Ideas of difference are assassinated like Bansare, Dhabolkar, kalpurki, Gouri lingesh who are the activists and journalists. She criticised the fact that 73% of India’s wealth is with just 1% of people. She explained to the crowd that “Information is power”. When the Information is open to public it will construct good governance. Today there are 60 lakh beneficiaries of RTI, she believed that it will increase the accountability of every person who is in power. She encouraged the voices against the corruption and inequality through non-violence. She concluded that “QUAIDE MILLETH AWARD 2018 FOR PROBITY IN POLITICAL\PUBLIC LIFE, is really to recognise the real Indian to speak the truth to Power”.

Dr. Mohammed Hamid Ansari expressed his humility through his discomfort rather in receiving the award than giving it. He said that “In spite of differences of manner, food and faith we are equal as citizens of India”. He cited the article “51A the Fundamental of Duties” and articulated that it was created by executive judicial body to delineate everyone’s duty. He emphasised that “The common man has given the responsibility to the politicians to make Laws, discuss public difficulties and execute accountability”. He urged to the Judiciaries to discharge their duties quickly and fearlessly. He insisted that “Our duty is to ensure that the institution created by constitution should be safe guarded and protect public property”.  He completed his speech with his humble words that “I did not do any unusual and I was taught to follow the rules”.     

The 4th annals of  QUAIDE MILLETH AWARD Ceremony confined with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Janab. M.H.B. Thajudheen, EC Member, QUEST.  (Press release)