NaMo, NaMo will become Na-Mo by 2019

Beginning of the end for the Modi phenomenon has begun! The recently concluded by-elections in Phoolpur and Gorakhpur and the political turmoil that has ensued post-results has made one thing quite clear: the so-called Modi wave, on which the BJP rode to power in 2014, has waned off considerably and this will ensure that the stupendous result of 2014 does not get repeated.

In the absence of an absolute majority for the BJP, the NDA will be the fray for dominance and then it will be quite doubtful that the allies will rally behind Mr Modi, thanks to his autocratic/demeaning style of functioning with his counterparts and co-travellers.

Forget the treatment meted out to his allies, the style of functioning of the coterie of Mr Modi, especially handpicked by him on merits that had little to do with their past contributions to the party but instead was based on the extent of their loyalty to his person and enmity for the minorities, raised quite a few eyebrows. How does one justify the placing of the senior leaders literally on the pedestal of “margdarhan mandal” (which is never approached), putting aside of leaders like Arun Shourie, Kirti Azad and Shatrughan Sinha in a corner or the plummeting status of faces like Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj in key decision-making exercises?

The government is being run on the whims and fancies of an egomaniac and his imported king-maker who’s equally oblivious of the fact that they are basically running a large democratic country and not overlording a sub-Saharan statelet. They feel they can run amok all over the place and none has any right to question.

Post-UP assembly elelctions the way Mr Yogi was literally pulled out at the last minute and entrusted with the affairs of India’s largest state shows how and with what agenda they want to run the country. Mr Yog’s claim to fame was simple -- that he basically spews communal venom. Mr Rajnath Singh, on the other hand, hailing from Lucknow and having a more amicable and sophisticated disposition, would not have been able to spread that level of fear and despair amongst the minorities, and so was hastily removed from the scene post-assembly elections.

Subsequently, Mr Yogi was made the new poster boy for the BJP and was paraded all over the country from Tripura to Karnataka, as a popular “Thakur leader” to garner votes. The idea was to overshadow Rajnath Singh who is the tallest and more acceptable Thakur leader in the party. The best part is that the same Mr Yogi, on whom criminal cases abound, was not even able to save his own seat this time round when rules the state. Needless to add that this is having far reaching consequences.

Therefore, we concerned Indians needn’t despair. Try hard as the damage-duo did, they are going to bang into a dead end soon enough. In their lust for power, they have conveniently forgotten that it’s one thing to bluff people into falling in the “acche din” trap but quite another to take them for a ride again and again. If the opposition is able to pull off the coming together on a common platform, then BJP winning in states like UP, Bihar, Karnataka, Rajasthan etc seems quite bleak and therefore there is no possibility of forming government at the Centre again in 2019. If the BJP is left with a fragmented opposition, then they might still manage to be at the top of the number game but absolute majority will be definitely beyond their reach and that will be the end of the Modi phenomenon as the party will look for some other leader who is more acceptable to the myriad political parties will be need to cobble a coalition. So it’s a time to rejoice my friends!

Who would’ve thought that in 2018 itself, a scenario sans Modi would already be on the horizon as a very probable outcome for 2019?

The author is a former member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). He may be contacted at  madeeb45[at]