Delhi Minorities Commission commends Brave Sikh officer

New Delhi: Recently a Sikh police officer, Gangadeep Singh of Ramnagar in Uttarakhand, saved a Muslim youth from lynching by a mob because he had accompanied a girl to a temple.

Delhi Minorities Commission's Chairman Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan has written a letter of commendation to this brave officer saying, “I and millions of the citizens of our country have been deeply moved by your sense of duty and bravery in protecting and rescuing a Muslim youngster who had accompanied a girl to a temple in your area. I highly commend and salute your deed of bravery. You are a role model for our people, especially police officers, who take their responsibilities seriously and discharge their duties at their own physical risk. I wish you all the best and hope a bright and successful future for you in the police force and society. May your tribe increase.”

Dr Khan has also sent a copy of this letter to the Uttarkhand DGP, Shri Anil Raturi.