Lady Shriram College for Women did not drop Urdu, Rabea Girls School was not cruel

Delhi Minorities Commission cases closed against Rabea School and Lady Shriram College

New Delhi:  Recently Delhi Minorities Commission had issued notices to Rabea Girls School of Old Delhi and Lady Shriram College for Women. Rabea School was accused of confining young students for long hours in the school basement for failing to pay fees while Shriram College allegedly dropped Urdu from its BA Programme course.

Rabea Girls School has replied with photos of the alleged basement saying that the said room cannot be described as a basement as claimed by some newspaper reports. Rather, it is the school’s activity room full with toys and fitted with several exhaust fans, therefore it is not correct that the students were subjected to cruelty. The only purpose of the school authorities was to inform parents, when they come to pick their children, about the non-payment of their wards’ dues. DMC has received information from other sources also that the said incident was reported with great exaggeration while the fact is that Rabea Girls School has a good reputation in the area and it has played a historic role in the educational uplift of the area’s girls. Hence, DMC has closed the case against Rabea School.

Lady Shriram College for Women has informed DMC that it has not dropped the Urdu course and it arranges a guest teacher even if just one student opts for Urdu. The college has also provided a chart of students opting for Urdu since the course was introduced and their numbers did not exceed seven in any year while in 2016 no student opted for Urdu. In the current year (2018) five students are reading Urdu in the college. After this explaination, the case against Shriram College has been dropped.