Firoz Bakht should distance himself from RSS platform with Tarek Fateh: Dr Khan

New Delhi (12 September 2018): Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan said in a statement here that invitation of the Pakistani hate-purveyor Tarek Fateh to deliver a speech on Indianisation of Islam at Hansraj College of Delhi University tomorrow, Thursday, is shameful and regrettable.

The lecture is organized by the RSS-linked India Policy Foundation and it will be chaired by Firoz Bakht Ahmad. Dr Khan said provision of a platform to an open enemy of Islam and Muslims to spread hate is a shameful act. Rather the entry into the country of such a person should be banned. His speeches and writings based on lies and concoctions spread misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims.

Dr Khan said Firoz Bakht Ahmad’s acceptance to chair this lecture will taint his otherwise brilliant past and he will need years to wash the shame of this unfortunate decision. Still there is time for him to distance himself from this ignominy. This programme is being organised at 4 pm at Hansraj College on Thursday.