Calling Kashmir Mainstream’s Togetherness as ‘Gupkar Gang’ has brought bad to India and its democracy: Prof Soz


Srinagar (18 November, 2020): Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Former Union has issued the following statement to the press today. “It is really unfortunate that the Home Minister, Amit Shah had to stoop so low and call the Kashmir Mainstream a ‘Gang’!

The present ruling class at the Centre has already caused great damage to the system of governance in India by imagining that the BJP is the only safeguard for India’s Democratic System! The reality is, however, quite opposite to this!

The fact is that the present day governance at the Centre has brought bad name to India and its democracy and it is now a great jolt to the entire system that togetherness of Kashmir Mainstream is seen as a threat to India’s Democratic System!

One wonders why the democratic activity by Kashmir Mainstream Parties – the NC, INC, PDP, PC, ANC and others is seen as a disruption by the Home Minister and others.

If the Union Home Minister is not prepared to deal with a democratic set-up in Kashmir, would he then wait for emergence of a set-up contrary to the present democratic combination?

The ruling elite at the Centre seems to have gone berserk in proclaiming the BJP as the only workable political combination. This is disastrous for India’s Democratic System!

As for J&K State, the Constitutional Relationship with the Union has already received a severe setback in recent years and the damage seems to be irreparable!

The tragic fact of this relationship is that any democratic forward movement in Kashmir is dubbed by the Top Brass of the BJP as Anti-National!

Only the time will tell the full story of the damage that the system has suffered in recent years!”