A polity based on double standards

India is a secular country with a fine constitution which continues to inspire third world nations. Our freedom fighters, who made up the first generation of rulers, were fine, secular men and women but they failed to usher in a system which holds all citizens as equal before the law. Some were more equal than others.

Muslims were robbed of reservation which they already enjoyed pre-Independence. Muslim and Christian Dalits were barred from the benefits of reservation for SCs by a fraudulent Presidential Order. A secret circular went out from the home ministry not to recruit Muslims in government jobs.

Secret orders went out to depopulate Muslims from areas adjoining Pakistan and so Muslims were driven out of East Punjab, soldiers went from house to house in Mewat and IAF planes strafed their villages in a bid to drive them out. A wholesale confiscation of Muslim properties followed in the name of evacuee properties. Migration of one member of a family or even a rumour was enough to disinherit the rightful owners and the problem continues till this day.

A Muslim who went to Pakistan, but returned weeks or months later, became and remains a “Pakistani” in his own country to this day – six decades later - while Pakistani Hindus are welcome even today to come to India on tourist visas, stay back and stealthily get Indian nationality two-three years later.

National exchequer is robbed of trillions of rupees every single year in the name of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) under which the salary or income of the family head is divided among all his dependents and in the end he evades taxes - a special relief for Hindus only. All top jobs in the region of 60-70% are reserved for Brahmins who alone have a monopoly over “merit” in our country.

One wonders how other countries function where this species does not exist? RSS works full time and openly to spread communal hatred and social strife, its cadres and allied outfits, dutifully, at times openly, engage in terrorism and are caught red-handed yet Muslims alone are terrorists thrown in jails. Chargesheets name Indresh, Togadia and Hemani Savarkar and many more but they roam free while Muslim youth are arrested on mere suspicion and without any proof – the only proof in most cases is the forced confession obtained by torture and manufactured evidence.

Four lakh Assamese Muslims are turned into refugees in a clear ethnic cleansing operation and the case is quickly transformed into an issue of Bangladeshis and intruders. Northeastern nationals are subjected to sms warfare and told that Muslims will attack you though no Muslim ever attacked them till date. In no time Guwahati-bound special trains materialised out of nowhere to ferry them to Assam. On their way home, they assault Muslim co-travellers, kill three by throwing them out of the train and injure many more. But the ever-vigilant media is silent and failed to inform people that the victims of the victims were Muslims.

Dozens have been arrested in Mumbai in the wake of an officially sanctioned rally after attacks by unknown criminals outside the venue. Days later MNS chief Raj Thakeray holds 5-kms long unauthorised procession defying the authorities. No one dares to arrest him. He is obliged by sacking the Mumbai Police Commissioner who was thought to be soft on the earlier, authorised, Muslim rally. The same Shiv Saniks have earlier held Mumbai hostage time and again when they expelled South Indians, Biharis and UP-walas, attacked Muslims in 1992 and 1993 but no action was ever taken against them.

Demolishers of Babri Masjid and killers of thousands during Ram Mandir agitation did not spend a single day in prisons – rather sat in the North and South Blocks overlording India for years. Killers of Muslims in Assam were allowed to rule Assam for ten long years. March ahead, trample all in your Hindutva march. Your are über alles. This country is yours. Secularism and equality are meaningless foreign words.