ASJ reprimands Special Cell officers

New Delhi: A Delhi district court acquitted six persons in a fake currency case owing to violation of established protocols by the Special Cell during the investigation of the case.

The Special Cell staff also failed to inform the court about which law governed them, the same one as the Delhi Police or a separate one. It turned out that they had to follow Punjab Police Rules.

The Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ), Pawan Jain observed that such lapses “unnecessarily supply ammunition to the defence to raise a finger over the entire investigation”.

The acquittal was triggered by the accuseds’ counsel pointing out that records of arrival and departure of the raids had not been maintained by the Special Cell.

The court directed that a copy of the order be sent to the Police Commissioner for issuance of directions to the Special Cell to follow the law governing the entire Delhi Police, for greater “transparency and impartiality in investigation”.

The court, commenting on the inability of the Cell to get independent witnesses, said that a lack of independent and reliable persons for investigation could be overcome if Cell officials made sincere efforts. Aaliya Khan