Forum for Release of Imprisoned Innocent “terrorists”

Lucknow: Aatankwaad kay Naam pe Qayd Nirdoshiyon ka Rihaai Manch condemned the charging of Azamgarh’s “Bada Sajid” in the Pune blast case, saying this was a shameful expression of the defence agencies’ communal bias towards Muslims. People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) state secretary Masihuddin Sanjari and Tariq Shafeeq said that this was an attempt to discredit Azamgarh.

The Forum’s convener, advocate Muhammad Shoaib, human rights activists Shahnawaz Alam and Rajiv Yadav said that it’s common knowledge that the Pune bombs went off/were found in one Patil’s bag but the Mumbai ATS refuses to even consider him as a suspect. The ATS first claimed that the blast was a handiwork of “mischief-makers”, in an attempt to shield the person carrying the bomb. They observed that the Mumbai ATS had turned a blind eye to the possible role of Hindtva groups in the Pune blasts. The leaders demanded a high level enquiry into the links between Mumbai ATS and Hindutva terror organizations and said that the ATS, aided by certain media groups, has named Bada Sajid in order to help Patil and the Hindutva groups.

They cited the incident of the innocent Faiz Usmani who was taken away for interrogation and subjected to third-degree torture leading to his death under custody. Compare it to Patil’s case, where he wasn’t even considered a suspect even after a bomb was found in his bag. According to them, it proves that under Rakesh Maria’s leadership, the Maharashtra ATS works in tandem with saffron terror outfits, thereby exposing the country’s security to risks. They went on to add that if that relationship is in fact probed, it will unravel the mysteries of many other blasts apart from the latest one at Pune. The leaders asserted that the Pune blasts were an attempt to divert public attention away from the ATS’s role in the mysterious custodial murder of Qateel Siddiqui in Yervada jail.