Former Congress leader’s sons starve to death

Shiv Kumar Singh’s two disabled sons, aged 25 and 28, died of hunger in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh block. Mr. Shiv Kumar Singh informed the Block Development Officer in writing that his sons died as they had been mentally and physically very weak. They went without food for the last ten days prior to their death.

Amitabh Kaushal, the District Commissioner said, “We were informed about the condition of the family, and we provided it each month with foodgrains, but as they were all very weak and there was none to prepare food for them, they suffered.” He has since formed a committee to probe the deaths. However, there is not much hope about getting the complete picture as the bodies were cremated without post-mortem examination.

The family has been engulfed by diseases ever since Mr. Singh lost his high-profile job eight years ago. Mr. Singh suffers from cancer of the jaw and Mrs. Singh from cardiac problems apart from economic hardships. Mr Singh was earlier associated with the Sirka colliery union and lost his job eight years ago after allegations of financial irregularities were levelled against him. The allegations were dropped after an enquiry but he never got back his job.   Aaliya Khan