NHRC takes seven years to file report on encounter

New Delhi: Delhi police had killed Faisal Siddiqui in Delhi’s Usmanpur area on 2 February 2005. Many doubted that encounter and considered it a premeditated murder. Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians (MOEMIN) filed a complaint with the NHRC on 23 September 2005 and it took the apex rights panel seven years to reply to this complaint.

The NHRC reply is a verbatim repetition of the police version which says that two persons of the Alisher gang came to the park in front of MCD flats. On being cordoned off by a police party, the duo made an attempt to flee. An exchange of fire ensued in which Siddiqui was killed. The NHRC has accepted in toto the report filed by the DCP Vigilance on 8 September 2009.

Navaid Hamid, general secretary of MOEMIN, expressed his dismay with the NHRC working. He said this panel has failed and it should be merged into the Delhi police.   MG News Desk