Kashmiri orphans traumatized: report

A survey conducted by Save The Children found that conflict, physical and social environment, had a ‘more than meets the eye’ impact on children in the Valley of Kashmir. The report, named “Orphaned in Kashmir”, noted that a majority of orphaned kids suffered from several mental and traumatic disorders. Their experiences depended on the intensity of the conflict in their localities, with 5 percent revealed having faced abuses and threats of some kind. The respondents specified abuses as having guns pointed at them, threats from police/army/militants, being illegally detained and interrogated, among others. Recurring nightmares, nervousness (40 percent), loss of appetite, sleeplessness (12 percent), depression (20 percent) are some of the problems faced by them. The report suggests the figures are under-estimated as the children are unwilling/unable to confide about such abuses.    Aaliya Khan