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Unaided minority institutions not exempt from RTE Act

New Delhi: After amending the Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009 religious madrasas, pathshalas and all other educational institutions being run on the pattern of unaided minority educational institutions were exempted from the provisions and application of RTE Act and Supreme Court also had endorsed it but after another recent amendment in this Act and President’s approval on 19 June 2012, all such educational institutions have lost their exemption. After the latest amendment, now only those educational institutions will be exempt in which purely religious education is imparted. Under the latest amendment, hundreds of schools which though are run by religious and linguistic minority organisations will no longer be exempt now because in addition to religious education they also provide modern education. A notification to this effect will be issued by the central government soon.

It may be stated that milli and minority organisations had carried on a campaign for about two years for their exemption from the application of Right to Education Act 2009 under which free and compulsory education was to be enforced. After vigorous campaigns by milli and minority organisations against some provisions of this Act government had agreed to exempt unaided minority educational institutions from this Act and the Supreme Court in its verdict had also exempted these schools from application of this Act but now under the latest amendment, the previous amendment as well as the Supreme Court’s verdict have been superseded.

According to the Special Project Director of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Sanjay Deshmukh after the issuance of government notification, we will send circulars to all schools to the effect that leaving aside madrasas and pathshalas etc., all schools (aided or unaided) will have to implement the provisions of RTE Act and in the case of its violation, strict action will be taken against them.