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BJP comes forward for building of Eidgah boundary in Agra

Agra: BJP leaders have now declared their cooperation and support for building the boundary wall of Agra’s Shahi Eidgah. BJP leader and former MLA of Fateh-abad, Giri Raj Kishore said that the sanctity of a religious place or place of worship of followers of any religion should be fully respected and used for that purpose and nobody has any right to either desecrate it or illegally occupy it.

Blaming the district authorities he said that because of their indifferent and dilly dallying attitude this problem (building of boundary wall) has not been completed even after such a long time. He assured that he is ready to fight, shoulder to shoulder, along with Muslims, for building this boundary wall.

Taunting Samajwadi Party he said that this Party declares itself to be a friend and well-wisher of Muslims but if under its rule, this boundary wall was not built, it would be a matter of great shame. Accusing the city unit of S.P. of complicating and delaying this matter, he said that it was a fundamental right of Muslims which must be given to them.