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Christian’s gesture: a matter of introspection for Muslims

Baghpat: A Christian missionary here built a small pucca house and gifted it to a poor, unemployed and homeless Muslim family. The staff members, priest and team of the city’s well-known Christian missionary school, Christo Jyoti, after building this house handed it over alongwith its key to Haroon, and his wife Farzana at a small and simple function, at which many Muslims were also present. Haroon, a handicapped, sick and jobless person lived alongwith his wife and two children both of whom are also handicapped in an old and dilapidated house in the city’s Eidgah muhalla. Seeing this, and also seeing that he got practically no help from others, the Christian missionary pitied him and his family members, built the house and gave it to him.

According to sources this is almost a purely Muslim populated area adjacent to the Eidgah and a large number of well-to-do and fairly influential Muslims also live in this locality. Amidst such a large population of Muslims it is quite possible that some people, taking pity on Haroon and his family, might have given some morsels and left-overs or a few coins to them occasionally but the gesture made by the Christian missionary and school, a non-Muslim entity should be enough to shake the conscience of Muslims and compel them to introspect and also put them to shame, particularly during the month of Ramzan.

Not only this, it is reported that this Christian missionary has been rendering such humanitarian and charitable services in other poor and backward Muslim localities. This missionary is said to have set up an institution named Aasra Niketan for looking after and taking care of handicapped persons / children. It is reliably reported that almost all the handicapped inmates of this Niketan are Muslim children, even young girls were brought from South India and far off places and housed here. Their upbringing, education, treatment etc. are borne by the missionary. If all this is being done by the missionary purely from humanitarian consideration without the ulterior intention of converting them to Christianity, it is really laudable and a matter of deep introspection for Muslims.