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Criminals get benefit of doubt, go scot free

Azamgarh: A rally of Rashtriya Ulama Council (RUC), led by its president Maulana Aamir Rashadi, was attacked by the area goon Ramakant Yadav, a member of Parliament, and his gang on 12 August 2009. In the attack, a youth called Abdur Rahman was killed and three others were injured. RUC filed an FIR against the goon and his gang at Phoolpur police station accusing them of murder and attempt to murder. Local police filed a chargesheet against the four persons, Ramakant Yadav, Ghanshyam alias Bhamshoo, Munnilal and Ubaidur Rahman alias Baidoo.

An Azamgarh court on 9 August set them free, giving them benefit of doubt due to a discrepancy in the FIR and the post-mortem report. The FIR said that the murder took place by rifle bullets while the post-mortem report said that rifle bullets and bomb splinters were recovered from the body of the person killed during the attack.

RUC president Maulana Rashadi has announced that the group will appeal in the high court against this unjust verdict. He said that this is the first time that someone has dared to file an FIR against goon Ramakant Yadav and took him to court. As a result, he and his co-accused spent a year in jail during the court hearings. Maulana Rashadi with his supporters visited the dead worker’s family at village Sadarpur and reiterated his support and determination to appeal against the lower court verdict.