Special Reports

Delhi Waqf Board finally gets possession of land for Noor Masjid

New Delhi: Delhi Waqf Board, after several meetings between its officers and those of DDA, finally succeeded in getting formal possession of the alternative land for construction of new Masjid Noor after payment of Rs. 23,77,000 to DDA, more than three months ago on 3 May 2012.

It may be stated in this connection that the original Noor Masjid which existed in Jangpura locality of Delhi (Near Nizamuddin Railway station) for about 35 years was claimed by DDA to have been built on its land and was demolished by it (DDA) on 3 January 2011. Even after payment of Rs. 23,77,000 by Delhi Waqf Board DDA was somewhat hesitant to hand over the said land and was dilly dallying. However, after several meetings with the Delhi Waqf Board officials it finally agreed to give the letter of possession of this land which measures 400 sq. yards. According to Delhi Waqf Board’s CEO Ahsan Abid, after getting possession of this land, preliminary steps have been taken for the construction of a Noor Masjid and a committee has been constituted which will supervise and take all other steps for the reconstruction of a model Noor Masjid equipped with many modern facilities. He said that a plan is being prepared by architects who have already seen and inspected the proposed site of this mosque.

In order to avoid any kind of dispute and controversy, Delhi Waqf Board has decided to take the responsibility of building this mosque on itself and no other person or organisation, even voluntary labour, would be allowed for building of this mosque. The Board has also made it clear that the construction of the mosque (Masjid Noor) and its administration in future will be directly under its control.

As stated above, the 35-year old Noor Masjid in Jungpura was demolished by the Delhi Development Authority in January 2011 leading to lot of agitation and protests by Muslims. The matter also went to court which gave its verdict in favour of DDA. The court verdict also provided for an alternative land to be given by DDA to Delhi Waqf Board, payment for which was to be made by Waqf Board.