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300-year-old shrine 'sold' to realty developer

Mumbai: Inmates of Mumbai Musafirkhana and residents of Crawford Market are angry over the sale of a 300-year old shrine to a real estate developer. Sufi Saint Al Haj Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Qadari's shrine is in an area of 184 sq. metres and had been in much demand by the realty sharks.

The area has a complex used for residential purposes as well as a few shops. Caretaker of the shrine Syed Mohsin Qadari sold this area to Muhammad Ali Patel for Rs. 42 lakh in the year 2010. He (Syed is at present absconding after the sale. This piece of land is valued at crores.

Residents have approached the Charity Commissioner because religious places do not fall under the jurisdiction of Waqf Board. Even the Charity Commissioner was not aware of the transaction and has approached the High Court to cancel the deal. It may be recalled that the shrine is recognised as a heritage site and served as a relief centre during the Bombay riots in 1993.