Delhi govt to pay arrears of MCD's Urdu teachers

New Delhi: Delhi government, after court's order, has released Rs. 3 crores for payment of balance amounts of salary arrears to 58 part time Urdu teachers of Delhi Municipal Corporation's schools. Delhi Urdu Academy has been given the responsibility of distributing the amount among the 58 part time Urdu teachers of Corporation schools.

It may be stated in this connection that 58 part time Urdu teachers of MCD schools had filed a complaint petition in a Delhi court that they are being paid half salaries of what is being paid to permanent teachers. In response to this petition, the court in its verdict in September 2010 had directed that salaries of part time Urdu teachers be increased with retrospective effect from the year 2000 and the arrears be paid to them at the earliest. Delhi government, however, ignored the court's order and did not pay the arrears to (part-time) teachers. Hence a complaint was again made to the court on behalf of part time Urdu teachers, in response to which the court issued notices of contempt of court to the Delhi government and Urdu Academy on 13 March 2012 for non-implementation of its order of payment of arrears to them and also asked for their reply (for non payment) within four weeks. After getting contempt of court notice, Delhi government as an interim payment, released an amount for payment of Rs. 50,000 t0 each teacher and told the court in reply to its notice that the balance amounts would be paid to these teachers by the end of August (2012).

In fulfilment of its commitment to given the court (for payment of remaining amounts to teachers by August) Delhi government released Rs. 3 crores in the first week of this month (August) to Delhi Urdu Academy which has been made responsible for distribution of arrears to part-time Urdu teachers. Secretary of Delhi Urdu Academy, Anees Azmi confirmed that Rs. 3 crores released by the Delhi government has been received by the Academy and the statements of arrears of each (part time) Urdu teacher have almost been completed and the cheques of arrears will be deposited in the respective bank accounts of teachers before Eid. It is considered that each such teacher will get about Rs. 4 to 5 lakh as arrears.

However, according to subsequent news, it was reported that when the Urdu Academy asked the concerned Urdu teachers to send their advance signatures in token of receipt of the amount of arrears (which is the normal procedure in government offices) at least seven of these teachers accused the Urdu Academy of cheating and fraudulent procedure in calculating their arrear amounts. One of them, Ms. Samina Iqbal, a primary school teacher while accusing the Urdu Academy of cheating them said that it has not acted in accordance with the court's directive. She said that the court had directed that part time (Urdu) teachers be paid half the salary of newly appointed teachers and their arrears should also be calculated on this basis whereas the arrears that the Urdu Academy has calculated are very small. She says that the arrears of TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) from the year 2000 if calculated as per court's directive, should be at least Rs. 15 lakh and for primary teachers it should be about Rs. 9 lakh whereas the Academy is not giving even half of these amounts. She said that when we ask for details of calculations, the Academy refuses to give these to us. She and many others have refused to send their signatures in advance and also to receive the cheques for arrear.