Dalit Christians and Muslims observe Black Day

New Delhi: Dalit Muslims and Christians observed Black Day on 10 August at Gol Dakkhana here against the Presidential Order of 1950 which discriminated and justified reservation for Dalits on religious grounds — it approved reservation to scheduled caste Hindus but denied the same to scheduled caste non-Hindus i.e. Muslims and Christians, though there is no restriction of religion under Article 341.

The Black Day was organised by Church activists who are spearheading this legal and political battle for years. Incharge of BJP's minority department, Dr. J.K. Jain, said at this rally that the BJP minority department from the very beginning is in favour of granting reservation to Muslims and Christians under Art. 341. He said that a year ago our national executive committee meeting held in Bangalore passed a resolution in favour of granting reservation to Muslim and Christian Dalits.

Lok Janshakti Party general secretary Abdul Khaliq said that Dr. JK Jain should ask his party to make its stand clear in Parliament on this issue. Abdul Khaliq took the government and Parliament to task and questioned the Supreme Court's style of functioning. He said that it is the misfortune of this country that whatever Praveen Togadia says is followed not only by Parliament and government but also by the Supreme Court.

It may also be stated in this connection that the union cabinet has adopted a resolution regarding the Presidential Order (of 1950) under Art. 341 that it will conduct a statewise survey and seek the views of different states to know which strata of people come in this category. After this exercise,  the central government will seek the views of the general public and because of this reason the Union government has not so far sent its reply to the Supreme Court despite the passage of eight years over SC’s order to the government to file its reply.

Abdul Khaliq suggested that the Supreme Court should not wait for the central government's reply and take up this case for hearing on the basis of its merit so that justice could prevail. AIMMM President Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan too spoke on the occasion and supported the demand.