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Constitution amendment demanded for Muslim quota

Lucknow: UP minister for urban development and minorities affairs Muhammad Azam Khan has demanded the Congress-led central government to amend the Constitution to give reservation to Muslims in government jobs.

Talking to mediapersons here on 11 August he said that many commissions and committees including Sachar Committee have stated that the condition of Muslims is even worse than that of Dalits but in spite of all this, the Congress has always adopted a double standard policy regarding reservation to Muslims and it never talked about amending the Constitution to facilitate this. He said that when the Supreme Court in its verdict had declared the granting of reservation for promotion as unconstitutional and rejected it, there was a big ruckus and uproar in Parliament on 9 August and after this uproar the Congress had declared that it will introduce an amendment bill in Parliament on 27 August to grant and enforce reservation to Dalits.

He asked when Dalits can be given the benefit of reservation for promotion, why the Constitution cannot be amended to give reservation to Muslims, who are backward educationally, economically, socially, in fact in all respects?