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  Milli Gazette is carrying on the tradition of publishing every shade of opinion. It is taking up news overlooked by national media which has become only mouthpiece of some. I am unable to understand the apathy of that section of society for which MG stands? N Jamal Ansari, Aligarh II MG is a very good paper covering major issues and problems faced by Indian Muslims. Please continue with same fervour. Wishing you all the best.. Habib Badi, Surat   Assam: absurd and ridiculous

The Assamese have become a laughing stock before the world. They are migrating to Assam to save their lives but they could not think how such a great number of them can be killed by Muslims? Muslims themselves are under the threat of the government, thousands of their youths have been apprehended on the charges of terrorism and are in jails. Muslims do not have any strong organization like RSS, Ram Sene, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc. Some 40 thousand riots have took place in India after independence. They were killed, their shops and houses were gutted, their women were raped. In Assam armed Bodos killed in hundreds and they rendered homeless 4 lakhs Muslims who have taken shelter in 300 rescue homes.

In such a precarious condition how Muslims can take revenge from Assamese people who have come to southern states to earn livelihood and for education etc. They are not responsible for the Muslim massacre in Khokrajhar. The Bodos with the help of the local government and arms invaded Muslims and made their genocide. The central government played a criminal role. It did not send the army to the rescue of the poor and helpless Muslims. Pakistan has become a garbage dump whatever and whereever the garbage is seen it is dumped there to wash off hands and the matter is closed. The government should anticipate that China the other strong enemy can make use the same strategy in Arunachal or Jammu and get vacated the states from Hindus.  This is a serious matter. The prime minister said he will not spare the masterminds but he cannot dare to speak any word against the Bodo culprits who killed Muslims and shamed the country in the eyes of the world. Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Myanmar Muslims Merciless killings of Muslims are going on in Myanmar. Buddhist monks are after this massacre. The hypocrisy of  this so called nonviolent Buddhists is horrible. Rohingya Muslims are a small minority in Myanmar. They are burnt alive at some places. They are dying and there is no place to take refuge. They are compelled to eat pork and when they don't eat pork, they are killed. Some Muslims have fled to Thailand but the government is not in their favour. Those who left for Bangladesh are also not getting support from the local authority. Women and children are not safe in Myanmar. The not taking actions against this massacre. Muslims of the world must raise their voice against it. Unfortunately we Muslims are divided and fight among ourselves. The situation makes the sensitive Muslims cry. Nazneen O.Saherwala, Surat   O Muslims! be united O Muslims of India! Wake up, and be united. Please be on one platform. The question arises: how can the Muslims come on one platform? Its answer is that the Muslims should forget the differences of caste, creed and religion and they should have no ill-will, malice, jealousy towards anybody and they should quit their selfishness. If they do so, they will not be tortured, plundered and their mass murder will be stopped forever. Undoubtedly, unity is strength. United we stand and divided we fall. If the Muslims are united, our enemies and communal minded Hindus will have no courage to kill us, harass us and embarrass us. The Muslims are murdered, because they do not follow the teachings of Islam, and they do not act according to the teachings of The Holy Qur’an. Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur, U.P.     Media creates terror?
  Before Independence day media created such a scenario that our independence celebration in going to be organised under some enemy scheme. Everywhere police would be posted, hotels, bars, railway stations, bus stands etc. will be under watchful eyes of police. There are routine activities and such police activities increases at certain time. But media presents these news as if we are at the attack range creating a terror psychosis among people. Home minister Sushil Kr. Shinde ordered security department not to issue routine terror alert until unless specific intelligence input received because these alert has been issued without any input which were worthless. H. M. ordered on 12 August. Mr. Shinde hesitated to divulge truth about these alert as MG / 16-31 July 2012 / I. B. alert on page 23 explained the intention behind issuing these alerts S. Haque, Patna   Growing violence against women Violence against women is the fastest rising crime in our country. A woman is raped every 22 minutes and a bride burnt for dowry every 58 minutes. Female foeticide is common among educated and affluent. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a great exponent of women's right and benefactor of woman kind. The Prophet said "Serve your mother, for heaven lies under her feet." About daughter, the Prophet said, "Whoever has daughter and does not subject her to mean treatment and does not give preference to his son over his daughter God will make him enter heaven. The Prophet said, "Do not hate girls, they are comforting and very precious." About wives the Prophet said, "Treat them kindly and fulfill their rights." The Prophet further said "The best among your are those who are best to their wives." Hadith Books (containing teachings and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are full of such precious gems. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra - 441904   Great freedom fighter Peer Ali Great freedom fighter Peer Ali led young brigade against English tyranny. On 3rd July 1857 he was leading protest against Britishers, army subedar R. Loyal appeared facing freedom fighters near “padri ki havelli” and ordered firing killing many freedom fighters in which Peer Ali assistant Imamuddin injured. Peer Ali fired at R. Loyal head and there on spot Loyal died. On 5 July British govt. got news that Peer Ali was resting alone at his house and English army captured him and produced his in court when he was awarded “death sentence” Commissioner Taylor ordered to bring Peer Ali in front of him. Taylor asked Peer Ali that he could forgive what Ali you could do for us. Then Peer Ali replied “you can hang me but thousands like me would be born and your aim would be destroyed”. It is mentioned in Taylor’s book “over crisis” Peer Ali where he was hanged these in only stone written “Martyr Place” near Mehdi Ganj railway crossing. No Muslim organisation bother about even government left this place where great freedom fighter Peer Ali was given death sentence where his body lying uncared for many days. S. Haque, Patna   Dismal performance of HRD ministry Under the directive principles of our constitution, children from the age of five to fourteen are entitled to get free and compulsory education but even after 63 years of freedom it remains a distant dream, despite the recent Right of Education Act. Education in India has become a thriving industry public schools are changing thousand of rupees after very three months from the parents and guardians of the student but the HRD Ministry is acting as helpless spectator and has failed to stop commercialization of education. In Delhi the capital of India there are number of Govt. Primary schools which have no building of their own and they are in tents and the ministry has done nothing in this regard. This is really disgusting that in our country it is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world, there is no tinge of democracy in Indian universities - temples of highest education and vice chancellors are acting like despots are violating provisions of the University Act Statutes. Neither the UGC which is the controlling body over the universities nor the HRD ministry has failed to democratize universities and the czardoms of vice chancellors. While the holder of the highest office of the country, the president of the Indian union can be imparted if he or she misuses his or her powers, judges of the apex court and judges of High Court can be impeached and ministers both at the centre and states are accountable and responsible to legislature for all their actions and policies but heads of universities i. e. vice chancellors cannot be impeached as there is not provision in any act of Indian universities for their impeachment if they violate provisions of the universities and the HRD ministry the Supreme body has failed to take action against errant vice chancellor who act like absolute monarchs. Over and above all this universities have been infested with corruption, but no action has been taken by the ministry against the tainted vice chancellors. The glaring example is that of a former vice chancellor of a Muslim university who relinquished his office in January 2012 who has to face a presidential enquiry on charges of grave financial irregularities and bungling but the ministry did not ask him to proceed on leave. The overall performance of HRD ministry is highly disappointing and dismal. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex MP, Mayur Vihar, Delhi   Mumbai riots vs. Government of Maharashtra. On August 11, 2012 again Mumbai seen horrible communal clashes. However this time the theme was different, it was Media verses Muslims. As usual police seen in a very embarrassing situation. Just throwing spade and responsibility on the head of Muslim Scholars and Maulanas and keeping them in the witness box, and holding them responsible for riots. On 13/8/2012 Police Commissioner and intelligence making statement that riots were preplanned. Riots were preplanned, as stated by the Police, yes it was preplanned, it may be planned by saffron elements. Shiv Sena, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Mahasabha and Rashtriya Hindu Vidhidhyari Parishad. They might have throw arrow to hit the target in the name of Muslims. A detail inquiry also required to carry out the role of these organisations behind the communal clashes. Raza Academy called the peaceful protest at Azad Zuber Ahmed Khan,Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra   Media bias against Muslims Ex president of BJP Murli Manohar Joshi said "Muslims are not a minority" when he was delivering a lecture on "Deen Dayal, J. P. and Lohia's views…." At Ravindra Bhavan Hall, Patna on 12 August. He explained how Muslims are not a minority in secular democracy. Hindi national daily published this news in 5"x5.5" column. BJP Bhagalpur M. P. Syed Shahnawaz Hussain was asked his comments about M. M. Joshi's version he replied "According to constitution Muslims are a minority" national Hindi daily published Syed's rebuttal in 1"x2" column at page 11/14 August 2012 as if what Syed Shahnawaz Hussain's reply is trivial and worthless to read. The bias of media against Muslim is deep rooted and superficially media shows themselves just and against all oppression. But media suppresses the facts and figures when needed for justice to Muslims. S. Haque, Patna   Why? It is claimed that the condition in Bangladesh is so bad that daily 6000 cross the border and that all are Muslims. It should be noted that there are regular news reports that Bangladeshi Hindus do not enjoy equal rights. So why dont Bangladeshi Hindus migrate? Mazin Khan, New Delhi     Paradropped, real Muslim leaders and real Muslim cause Cabinet health minister Ghulan Nabi Azad visited Bihar to speed up the construction of IGIMS at Patna. But after complain put in front of him about AMU campus of non allotment of fund. He didn’t pay any heed. On the other hand RJD M. L. A. Akhtarul Imam, MLC Ghulam Ghouse, MLC Tanveer Hassan going to Delhi for AMU campus construction and release of fund. The real concern of Muslim is illetarcy job share and justice. But paradropped Muslim fake leaders divert the issues and for showing himself super secular leader these leaders keep their mouth shut. Muslim would not justice and job share till these paradropped fake Muslim leaders removed from seen. When the group of Muslim leaders, P. M. assured to release fund very soon. What P. M. means very soon? It is before 2014 M. P. election? S. Haque, Patna   President of India was a teacher of Islamia High School President of India Shri Pranab Mukherji was teacher in Kankra Islamia High School, Howrah, Kolkata for two years in his yearly life. Now teachers, students and committee members are very happy and congratulating shri Mukherji. They expect that their school would get new life. Muslims are living in mirage. First president of India Rajendra Prasad studied in Urdu. Inder Kr. Gujral was chairman of Gujral committee made for Urdu development committee. But he did not implement his recommendation for Urdu development when he became P.M. Muslims must realise that they have to strive hard to get position in society and don't expect others would lend you any support. S. Haque, Patna   Muslim girls are on target Darbhanga is on the radar of security forces. From different state ATS or SIT visit Darbhanga and kidnapped Muslims and different state security agencies pass them (Muslim like football) to other state security agencies. But now Muslim girls are being kidnapped advocate Rasheed Ahmad Darbhanga civil court has raised the issue and asked Muslim Bedari Karvaan to take this issue seriously. Muslim girls in many number from Darbhanga has been kidnapped and sold to different cities. Kidnapping of Muslim girls has flourished in Darbhanga. Police does not pay any attention and Ummah is silent and Muslim leaders are busy précising their party head. S. Haque, Patna   Md. Khalid - an unknown humanitarian Topi clad beard sporting Md. Khalid is a recognised face in Hazaribagh, Jharkhan. He is completing last rites to any unknown dead bodies. Police and hospital call him when any unidentified on unclaimed body needs last rite. Every year more than hundred unclaimed bodies last rites he does. Muslim media must highlight our unknown and unsung heroes. S. Haque, Patna    Do they have any self respect? Does not being pleased with the Big Satan’s show of happiness and not being cautioned by his expression of pleasure not mean that we too have lost self respect because several presidents of the country which is founder of terrorism are not ashamed of any immorality including their and their spouses infidelity? S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh   How W.B. and Bihar were terrorist free for 35, 15 yrs? W.B. and Bihar were terrorist free state for 35 year and 15 yr under communist and Laloo's regime respectively. But as the ruling party changed terrorists suddenly emerged in Bihar and West Bengal. I.B., SIT, CBI and STF etc. started pouncing upon the terrorist in Bihar and Bengal. STF Bengal captured Haroon Yousuf on 17 July from Kolkata and declared him I.M. module who wanted to blast Mamta rally and STF recovered huge explosive materials. Mamta rally was on July 21. Many young Muslims were killed in fake encounter on the intelligence input that they were playing to kill Advani or Modi. Ishrat Jehan and three innocents were killed by police and arms were recovered on the basis of intelligence input about terrorist were on the Modi killing mission. But Ishrat Jehan encounter proved fake in court and court directed to investigate the veracity of intelligence input. Bihar had been terrorist free zone in 15 yr Laloo Yadav regime and suddenly after changing the party rule, terrorists are cropping up why? At least a dozen of Muslims were arrested in the charge of terrorism why? S. Haque, Patna   Muslim India shamed According to the news a Muslim Khatoon, 30 years from Araria Distt. Bihar sold her four month old son just for rupees 62 to a Nepalese couple on account of poverty. The incident is horrible which can not be compensated in any way. True speaking, the incident is neither new or rarest of rare as such cases are very common on Indian soil out of which hardly one or two like that of Araria surface once in a blue moon. Since the poverty-stricken woman happened to be a Muslim, the incident concerned mostly with Ummah on one hand and on the other it represents the grimy picture of isolation, disintegration, disassociation and poverty level amongst the Millat to such an extent that a Muslim mother is compelled to sell her dear son for Rs. 62 to have the two (in plain words one time) meal for her self and other children. It is needless to say that present Indian Muslim society has been divided into two sections out of one section (about 20%) is enjoying the life rather are comfortably and luxuriously whereas remaining section is compelled to pull the life under the shadow of poverty. Our sermons move around oneness (Wahdaaniyat) but practically we are totally in disarray which has made us directionless. It is said that the Ummah is like a human body where slight pinch on any part is bound to cause effect on the whole body but the communal frenzy in any part of India made to think and feel something in favour of sufferers contrary. It is observed that at the time of communal riots at Mumbai (1993) and Gujarat (2002) and so many other places while Muslims were butchered, murdered and victimised in different ways, Muslims at other cities were busy in celebrating Eid, Urs and other festivals without earing as to what was/is going on at other places. We have a perfect system of Zakat and Baitulmaal which are meant to help and serve the people like Shannu Khatoon but we have ourselves have turned down the God gifted unmatched way a unacceptable and unfit process for which our daughters are forced to sell their sons to non-Muslims just for Rs. 62. It is the time that we realise the importance of unity and integrity at National level, establish well equipped communication system with each corner and its Muslim population by introducing centralised leadership system for the development and uptilment of the community. Faheemuddin, Nagpur   Ban on SIMI - justice V.K. Sholi tribunal The governments are playing commission and tribunal game to oppress Muslims. Now latest justice Sholi tribunal confirmed the ban on SIMI is legal (3 August 2012) congress led UPA flag bearer of secularism instituted V.K. Sholi tribunal. Many times congress extended the ban on SIMI which first banned by BJP in September 2001. But Delhi H.C. A. judge Geeta Mittal hearing SIMI ban case ordered that the ban on SIMI was totally illegal and unconstitutional because no concrete proof produced by security agencies. (5 August 2008) In each cases when Muslims are on target or subjected to injustices, judiciary role becomes dubious like Godhra train accident case, Muslim reservation and riots cases judiciary created confusion which helps saffron brigade to wage a propaganda war against Muslims. S. Haque, Patna   Persian language Apropos of Dr. S. S. Paul’s scholarly article in ‘MG’ of 1 August 2012, besides being bewildered by the sweetness of Persian, I feel fascinated by its briefness also. If someone knocks at a door, the one who is inside the house may say only one word “Keestee” and the one at the door only “Manam” -- how short and sweet. S.A. Patel, Khanpur Deh