Press Statements

Indian Muslims welcome the historic victory of the Egyptian people

The Milli Gazette, leading Indian Muslim newspaper, welcomes the historic success achieved by the Egyptian people to remove a despotic ruler with a protracted non-violent mass movement across the country. It is an unparalleled achievement in recent history by a Third World country to get rid of a despot having the support of a dreaded police apparatus which tried to scare off people by unleashing its cruel agents who killed over 300 people and injured thousands but failed to dent the determination of the people who have proved their credentials as a civilised part of humanity reserving our respect and emulation.

MG hopes that the victory of the Egyptian masses will lead to a democratic and free polity in Egypt and that efforts of foreign powers and their local agents to somehow retain the old and discredited system with new faces will fail.

MG also hopes that the cool breeze of the Egyptian mass movement will reach all parts of the Arab world which is in dire need of genuine democracy and respect of human and political rights.