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Mushawarat Salutes the Valiant Egyptian People, Wishes them Democracy

AIMMM Salutes the Valiant Egyptian People Welcomes the Victory of Non-Violent Mass movement Wishes them Freedom & Democracy based on Rule of Law & Social Justice Urges People & Government of India to Extend Full Support to People of Egypt.

New Delhi, 12 February 2011: The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawrat salutes the valiant people of Egypt who have, unitedly & through a nonviolent & democratic mass movement, brought down a despot defeating his machinery of repression and thus written a new page in the history of their ancient land & proved their credentials in the history of human civilisation.

The AIMMM welcomes their unprecedented achievement and wishes them an irreversible march towards Democracy, based on Rule of Law & Social Justice.

The AIMMM expresses its hope that the power of the people shall not only liberate the country from repression & corruption but also from collaboration with foreign interests & thus assume full control over their destiny.

The AIMMM is confident that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces shall respect the democratic will of the people and faithfully fulfill the tasks it has undertaken to usher in authentic democracy & elected government within the agreed time-frame.

The AIMMM recognizes that since Egypt forms the heart of the Arab world, the fragrance of democratic assertion shall travel irresistibly to other parts of the Arab world, so that all its people eventually assume full control of their natural resources & use them for their own good.

The AIMMM urges the people of India to share the joy of the fraternal people of  Egypt at this historic moment and calls upon the Government to extend them all possible assistance & support, moral political & economic.

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