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Hats off to Egyptian People on Mubarak’s Exit: SDP of India

13 February 2011, New Delhi: The inevitable has happened and Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak has gone as visualized by the Social Democratic party of India, (SDPI), and many others. Hats off to the Egyptian people’s near peaceful revolution which demonstrated their determination, resolve, tolerance, will power in their struggle to show the exit door to the despot who ruled over them with an iron-fist.

The SDPI national president Mr. E. Abubacker and national general secretary Mr. A. Sayeed while welcoming the exit of Mubarak in a statement have cautioned the people of Egypt to remain on their toes and be vigilant to oversee that power is not usurped by the Egyptian Army. In 1952, it was the army that brought about change in Egypt; it has been at the center of power ever since. Today it is the people. The army has simply reacted to events. The sovereignty in Egypt is now unquestionably with the Egyptian people, the duo said.

Mr. Abubacker and Mr. Sayeed said that the credit goes to the people of Egypt that throughout they acted with great dignity and remarkable self-control. They refused to be intimidated despite over 300 of their number being killed. Their determination and courage has been a wonder to see, an inspiration that has resonated across the world. The success of the Egyptian people must have send a chill down the spine the rulers of other Arab states who are no different to Mubarak as they too dance to the tune of the White House occupiers who pull the strings.

They said that it is good to hear that India has welcomed the events in Cairo and hoped for a "peaceful transition of power in a time-bound manner". They welcomed External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna’s statement: "We welcome the decision of President Mubarak to step down in deference to the wishes of the people of Egypt,”

However, the duo were skeptical about the US President Barack Obama who welcomed Mubarak’s stepping down from power calling that it reflected the people's "hunger for change" and urged the country's military to ensure a transition to "genuine democracy". The words of Obama are apparently reassuring but it remains to be seen that the US administration does not play any dirty trick to hoist its protégé on the Egyptian people. The people have to be extra-cautious and see to it that the emergency laws are withdrawn forthwith and the elections to Parliament is called in fixed time frame. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces shall respect the democratic will of the people and faithfully fulfill the tasks it has undertaken, the statement said.

They earnestly hoped that the Egyptian people will assume full control over their destiny after liberating their country not only from the malaise of repression and corruption but also from collaboration with foreign interests.

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