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Jamia Rizvia of Bareilly to be upgraded to a university

Bareilly: Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil Bareilvi in pursuance of God’s message as revealed in the Qur’an through His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the form of Iqra (read in Arabic) and in furtherance of which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself had asked his followers to acquire knowledge and learning right from the mother’s lap to the grave, and realising the lack of education among Muslim, had set up a madrasa named Darul Uloom Manzar-e Islam in Bareilly’s muhallah Saudagran in 1904.

Subsequently Maulana Rahman Raza Khan had changed its name to Jamia Rizvia Manzar-e Islam because he wanted to make it a university. Sajjada Nashin of Aala Hazrat’s Dargh Maulana Subhan Raza Khan, in view of the shortage of space in Jamia Rizvia declared on the occasion of Aala Hazrat’s urs last year that it would be shifted to a new place for which 50 bighas of land near Sona on the Shahjahanpur Road would be purchased. Building plan of the new Jamia has been prepared.

In the new building of the Jamia there will be separate rooms for all departments, a central hall and separate hostel, library and computer room buildings. The objective of shifting Jamia Rizvia Manzar-e Islam is to enable prospective students from all over the world to come to Bareilly to take admission in this Jamia. In the present Jamia there is room for 400 students only but after its expansion and upgradation to a university, the number of students will shoot up many times and additional branches could also be opened. In this Jamia students will get Aalim and Fazil degrees/certificates in eight years and moreover, they will also get the opportunity of learning about the Aala Hazrat’s life, works and valuable services. He (Aala Hazrat) wrote more than 1100 books including Tajruma-e Qur’an Kanzul Eeman, Fatawa Rizvia, Tajdeed-e Eeman, Hidayat-e Nau. It may also be stated that in addition to religious and theological books he also wrote books on science and mathematics.