Agencies’ communalism a threat to our country: Darapuri

Forum for Release of Imprisoned Innocent “Terrorists” convened a conference at Lucknow on the communal mindset of intelligence agencies on 19 September. Speakers accused the Samajwadi Party (SP) leaders of using communal tactics to get rid of their tainted image following unravelling of reports of scams in the state. CPI leader and member of Parliament Atul Anjan reiterated that the SP resorts to communalism to stay in power. He said that the SP needs to wake up to the fact that they can’t divide the state subjects on communal lines anymore as the downtrodden with their own sufferings will not play into their hands.

Speakers demand SP to fulfil its promise of looking into the cases of falsely-implicated imprisoned youth and award them appropriate compensation. If this was not conceded fairly quickly, a protest will be started against the state government. They pointed out that the Saudi government has repeatedly stated that the charges against Fasih Mahmood should be substantiated, yet the Congress government keeps branding him a terrorist.

The wrongful conviction and sentencing of Afzal Guru is justified in this country. Muslim boys are picked up and labelled as “Indian Mujahideen”. The politics in the country is thoroughly communalized, totally linked to international politics, so much so that the Indian government is taking decisions at America and Israel’s behest.

Ujjain advocate Noor Muhammad, who is a counsel for imprisoned innocent youth, was attacked by Hindu right-wingers recently. He said that no Muslim in this country feels safe today. He said that he himself was attacked before the very eyes of the Police and in front the court. He said that Muslims will continue to be attacked if they ask for their rights.

Advocate Muhammad Shuaib said that the riots during past six months are a proof that the state government is trying to divert attention from the release of imprisoned persons, reinforcing its communal agenda.

Syed Mubarak, a native of Sitapur, UP, who was held by the state police for two years, spoke about his torture during imprisonment and shared the reason why the police had nabbed him. It was because he was fair and tall, and this was enough to label him a Kashmiri migrant.

Human rights activist Masihuddin Sanjari said it should be investigated as to which corporate groups benefit from Intelligence Bureau’s communalism and whose interests it serves.

Journalist Abu Zafar said injustice in the Batla House case will be ground for unjust rulings in future.

The following nine-point political resolution was passed at the conference:

  1. Intelligence reports on the activities of political and social organizations should be brought under the right to information.
  2. The government should release a white paper on Indian Mujahideen immediately.
  3. The Batla House fake encounter case and Qateel Siddiqi’s custodial murder should be investigated.
  4. The government should bring Fasih Mahmood to India.
  5. The gvernment should release RD Nimesh’s report on Tariq and Khalid arrests.
  6. The SP government should fulfill its promise to release innocent youth from jails.
  7. India should stop sending its police officers to train in terrorist nations like America and Israel.
  8. Mulayam Singh should answer about his MLAs’ role in riots under the SP government.
  9. 9) Journalists SMA Kazmi and Matiur-rehman shold be released immediately.
  (Translated from Hindi by Aaliya Khan)