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Compensation to Bhagalpur victims families after 23 years

Patna: Bihar government’s home ministry has released, on the High Court’s order, an amount of Rs. 14 lakhs to Banka’s D.M. towards payment of compensations after 23 years to the family members or nearest surviving kins of 14 persons who were killed or who have been missing so far in the terrible communal riots that had taken place in Bhagalpur in 1989. Many people among these 14 persons killed in those riots belonged to the same family. These riots were on a very large scale and so the losses also, both in human lives and properties, were terrible. According to official statistics (which are invariably shown on a smaller scale) as many as 1070 persons were killed and 524 persons were seriously injured in these riots. An idea of the enormity of these anti-Muslim riots can be had from the fact that out of 21 blocks of this (Bhagalpur) district, communal violence had erupted in 15 blocks and as many as 11500 houses in 195 villages were destroyed or damaged. Not only this, 68 mosques were also damaged or set on fire and about 20 mazars were also destroyed. About 600 power looms and 1700 hand looms were also set on fire. Compensations to families of many victims were given earlier also. All the victims and untraced persons to whose kins the compensations were announced in this case were Muslims (men and women). It may be stated in this connection that an amount of one lakh as compensation after 23 years is too small for a family.