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Complaint to PCI against one-sided reporting by media

New Delhi: Biased reporting by the so-called secular and national media about the arrest of innocent Muslim youth, on suspicion of their involvement in cases of terrorism, has been criticised and doubted but inspite of that only the police version about their alleged complicity and arrest is being reported by print and electronic media. Taking serious notice of this, a letter signed by about a dozen members of Parliament and complaining against this trend has been sent to the Press Council of India and its chairman Justice Markandey Katju separately. In these complaints, not only the trend of one-sided reporting of only the police version by media has been criticised but serious concern also has been expressed on falsely implicating innocent Muslim youth and a demand has been made to rein in this biased and dangerous trend.

The signatories to this letter are Sita Ram Yechuri, CPIM-MP; Ram Kirpal Yadav, Janta Dal MP; Ram Vilas Paswan, LJP leader and MP; Naresh Agarwal, Samajwadi MP; Rajiv, CMP-MP; Achuta Menon, MP; Muhammad Adeeb, MP and many other Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs. Muhammad Adeeb while talking to media persons said that the way the arrest of suspected Muslims is being reported in the media on the basis of the police version only and baseless stories are being reported without any investigation and proof are not only tarnishing the image of Muslims but also efforts are being made to make their love, patriotism and loyalty to country suspect.