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Riot-accused doctor socially boycotted

Ahmedabad: Dr. Atul Vaidya, an accused in the Gulbarg Society carnage, is paying the price of his crime with the social boycott of his family. Though he has no remorse for his role in the Gulbarg Society carnage and he still believes that he did nothing wrong for which he should be repentant, the community has deserted him. His US-returned engineer son is unmarried because no one wants to enter into a matrimonial alliance with such a family. A similar fate awaits his C.A. studying daughter. Atul Vaidya is angry over the apathy maintained by the Bajrang Dal and VHP for not providing any kind of legal assistance to him. His name did not figure in the first F.I.R. but a case was registered against him by the SIT appointed by the Supreme Court in 2008.