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Islamic literature into Hindi is the need of the hour

A new religious monthly magazine titled ‘Zakariya’ published by Jamia Mazahirul Uloom was released by Mazahirul Uloom’s Trustee, Maulana Shahidul Hasani in Saharanpur on 17 September. Speaking on the occasion he said that the speed at which the use of Hindi is increasing in common knowleldge. Hindi being the national language of the country, a large number of Muslims also learn and read this language. He said that madrasas and their Ulama have always moved with the times, and they have always tried in every possible way to propagate and popularise Islamic knowledge and information to the Hindi-knowing population of the country by publishing Islamic literature into Hindi language. Maulana Shahidul Hasani said that translating and rendering Islamic literature into Hindi language is an important need of the hour lest our new generation be deprived of Islamic literature and Islamic education and knowledge. With this objective and in view of the requirement of the times the Hindi monthly magazine Zakariya is being published, adding that this monthly magazine is a ray of light in the darkness with the objective to spread Islamic education and knowledge among Muslim youth and to create Islamic awareness in them. This magazine will also promote brotherhood and national harmony in the country. He said that Ulama and responsible authorities of madrasas were never oblivious of the need of the times and circumstances and the their and madrasas role in the country’s freedom struggle development and progress, is no secret. He said that if these madrasas and Ulama would not have participated in the country’s war of independence and played a dynamic role, the dream of independence would not have been fulfilled.

He said that today Hindi language has also become the need of the times and realising this need it has been decided to publish this standard monthly magazine (Zakariya). He said that three magazines published by Mazahirul Uloom are already in circulation of which one i.e. Al Mazahir is in Arabic, Yadgaar-e Sheikh is in Urdu and another monthly is in Urdu and yet another monthly magazine  i.e. Mazahir Uloom is also in Urdu and now a fourth monthly magazine (Zakariya) will be published in Hindi.