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Sunni Central Waqf Board to work in Urdu

Agra: Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board decided in its meeting held on 11 September that Waqf Board being a purely religious institution, all file work and correspondence etc. will be done in Urdu and that in court proceedings and dealings only English and Hindi will be allowed. This decision was welcomed and appreciated by different organisations and social workers not only of Agra and Firozabad but of UP as a whole. Maulana Alam Mustafa Mazahiri while welcoming this decision said that at least in offices which work purely in religious fields work should invariably be done in Urdu because people belonging to the minority community are generally in contact with such institutions and hence other government offices like Haj Committee, Urdu Academy also should learn a lesson from this and for the convenience of people, these offices also should carry out work in Urdu. In this way Urdu will also be promoted, he said.

The Waqf Board meeting held at its office at Mal Avenue was chaired by the Board’s chairman Zafar Ahmad Farooqi and attended among others by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Akmal Husain, Begum Tabassum Hasan, Ms. Qaisar Jahan, Maulana Muhammad Hamza Hasani Nadwi, Mufti Najeeb Ahmad etc. In this meeting many complaints about Waqf Boards of some cities like Kanpur, Azamgarh, Saharanpur, Farrukhabad etc. were discussed and CEO was authorised to conduct enquiries into these complaints. Other problems like expediting disposal of arrears of work, payment of employees salaries, PF and other allowances etc were also discussed.