Book on Kashmiri history

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Authored by educationist Dr. Muzaffar Khan, the book, Kashmiri Muslims: A Historical Outline, consists of two volumes and deals with important periods in Kashmiri history, studying archaeological evidence from the Valley and examining cultures at Burzahom and Gufkral. The background includes the periods of Asoka, Menandres and Kanishk among others ranging from the early medieval period to Muslim rulers taking over and the changes the society underwent as a result of it.

From 1320 A.D. onwards, the rule of Shahmiris and Chaks has been traced, in addition to a detail of the Mughal rule of the Valley that was succeeded by Pathans, Sikhs and Dogras.

The second volume discusses the economic conditions of farmers under the Pathans, Sikhs and Dogras and the genesis of the Kashmiri freedom movement (1931-1947). Inter-communal relations and political instability have also been dealt with briefly. The issues of corruption, rigged elections have been covered. The author holds a PhD in Life Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru University and has worked in the Higher Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir in various capacities. (Aaliya Khan)

ISBN 9789350679784.

Publisher: Humanizer Publications, Srinagar 2012