Muslims in the Indian polity

Book: Muslims in Indian Democracy
Author: Ram Puniyani
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications, Delhi
Pages 352; price: Rs 990

Indian democracy has been facing the threat from sectarian politics from last three decades in particular. As such Muslim minority had been very vulnerable due to poor socio economic background. This got worsened by the state policies which dominated the social scene. On one hand they got discriminated against in the policies of the state, like in jobs. And on the other at social level, the lack of provision of support system kept them economically and socially backward. This was compounded by the communal violence, which has the base in myths and prejudices against Muslims.

This book takes a broad look at various aspects of the situation of this community today. It gives a socio- economic background of the community. The exclusion process of the community has marginalized them in various ways. The situation is worst compounded due the orthodox-conservative elements in the community. Added on to this the community has been demonized internationally also due to the US policies of control over oil zone. Ayodhya issue has played a very critical role in the ascendance of politics which is detrimental to Muslims in India. The communal violence has led to a process of ghettoization and a further retreat into the shell. This has adversely affected the condition of Muslim women. The book takes up these issues and further goes on to outline the pathways for struggle for peace in the context of India’s plural ethos and culture. It is an over view of the Muslim Minority in Indian democratic set up.

Contents include: Indian Democracy and Minorities, Indian Muslim Minority: A Prelude, Religious Pluralism, Peaceful Coexistence and its efficacy in Democratic Polity, Communal Fascism in India, Minorities and human Rights, Defining Minorities, Majority Report: Who is a Minority, Socio-Economic Exclusion, Appeasement or Maltreatment: Muslim Demographics, Education and Employment: Myth of Minority Appeasement, Communalism or Affirmative Action, Fate of Gopal Singh Commission and Sachar Committee Report, Victims of Violence: Ghettoisation, Communal Violence, Inquiry Commissions and Deliverance of Justice: Problems of Minorities and the Laws, Khaki Prejudice, Riot Report: Apportioning the blame of Communal Riots, Why is the Liberal Muslim Bypassed?, A House for Shabana Azmi, Ayodhya, Babri and the aftermath, Revisiting Babri, Post Babri Demolition India, Bridging the divides: Set back to Amity Initiatives in Ayodhya, Ram and Allah as Good Neighbors, Liberhan Commission Report: Better Late than Never, Gujarat: Muslims as Second class Citizens, Godhra’s Truth...