A Scholar atones his past sin

Book: Islam: Aatank Ya Aadarsh? (Hindi) Author: Swami Lakshmi Shankar Acharya Publisher: Author, Bharat Janseva Prakashan, Sikrori (U.P.) Pages: 96 Price: Rs. 25 Year: 2010 (revised ed.)


AG Khan
Here is a befitting reply to all the canard about Islam which projects Islam as the nursery of terrorism. Muslims have been denying all the charges against Islam, however, nobody took them seriously. The author confesses his own misunderstanding about Islam. He admits that because of his ignorance about Islam he himself had written a book, “The History of Islamic Terrorism” published by Sudarshan Prakashan Sita Kunj, Liberty Garden, Malad (West) Bombay 400064. Later on he came in contact with Muslim scholars who induce him to first read the Qur’an and arrive at his own conclusion. He did so yet he was not fully satisfied till he read the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and re-read the Qur’an with context and circumstances in mind and to his great surprise he came to the conclusion that Islam instead of nurturing terror, preaches how to counter terror. Islam, therefore, is the ideal religion which induces people to practice peace. He clarifies how a pamphlet in several languages was circulated all over the county citing 24 ayat which prompt Muslims to kill people with the promise of Paradise. The 24 ayat were first published in 1985 by Indrasen Sharma and Rajkumar Arya. A case was filed by Delhi Administration against them but they were acquitted in 1986 with the magesterial comment that those 24 ayat do preach violence and communal hatred

The author cites these very 24 ayat one by one and then clarifies the circumstances in which they were revealed and emphatically establishes that in those circumstances war was inevitable and Muslims were enjoined to fight for self defence without resorting to terror on the weak or unarmed. The author also proves that a few of them had been deliberately partially quoted without citing the earlier part. It time and again reminds us that even Lord Krishna also invoked Arjun to fight failing which he would be guilty of sin and crime against humanity.

The author repents his past hysteria and after acquiring knowledge about Islam wanted to do something as atonement. He claims that he had a vision in which a holy man commanded at the mid-night hour to undertake the mission. He began writing the rejoinder to his early pamphlet and because of the divine inspiration he succeeded in arriving at the conclusion that Islam is the ideal religion that promotes peace for everyone. He cites extensively from the veda and Gita to substantiate that Islam’s endeavour to establish peace is not different from what Sanatan scriptures enjoin. He wants this message propagated among non Muslims with the conviction that Islam is an ideal religion and not a nursery of terror. For this he seeks support of everyone to get this text circulated in as many languages as possible.