The Hindutva: The Hydra at Work

Paperback: 226 pages
Author: Susai Anthony
Publisher: Trafford Publishing; illustrated edition  Language: English
ISBN-10: 1412066689; ISBN-13: 978-1412066686   The definitions of Hindutva in terms of Vedic interpretations or Hindu nationalism are merely to cloud the intentions of the Hindutva proponents. The verisimilitude of the intentions of returning honor and glory to all Hindus is just that. It is meant only to bring honor and glory to the Brahmins and keep them at the top of societal hierarchy. The Hindutva should no longer be an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. 

We cannot just wish that the Hindutva will go away, unless we act to affect its demise; it should be thrown into history's dustbin.

Many historical events were reinterpreted, distorted, or erased so as to fit Hindutva ideology. Inaccuracies, altered facts, or outright lies are all hallmarks of a political revisionism. The Hindutva followers are doing what they have been accusing the “foreigners” of writing their version as Indian history.

The minority groups – Muslims, Christians and Dalits – must work deliberately, diligently and continuously to inform the majority Hindus of the evils of Hindutva