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MG I am a regular reader and admirer of the M.G. since its inception ie for almost 10 years. I congratulate the editor in chief of milligazette for doing yoeman services and completing 10 years of publishing M.G. for the cause of promoting peace and harmony not only among minorities but also among citizens of India and abroad. The aritcles and opinions published in M.G is the monthpiece of mulsim and minorities for their development and upliftment in all aspects. May this MG. grow with Almighty power for centuries to come. Mohd. Azam, Karimnagar,Telangana   Play the game in the spirit of the game In one voice the rich and wealthy IPL franchise owners pleaded ignorance to the well-orchestrated and pre-planned move to keep the Pakistanis out. However, a claim of having a consensus of not bidding the Pakistani players according to Mallya is nothing but plain rubbish which he remarked through a pair of astonishingly bad shades. And one franchise owner went beyond bizarre, proclaiming there was "cricketing logic" in the decisions made. Parnell over Umar Gul? Roach over Aamer? Martyn over Umar Akmal? If there was indeed "cricketing" logic in the decisions, one could wonder why cricketers like Ganguly or Kumble weren't allowed to offer it? Words such as 'conspiracy' and 'insult' wouldn't be used. The lure of a piece of the IPL cake would dissuade Pakistani players from saying what they are saying now. And there would be no need for Lalit Modi to appear on prime-time television and claim "he knew nothing about this". While the fact of the matter is, here not a pencil sharpener changes places in the corridors of the IPL unless Modi approve it! And finally, Modi screeched "Availability, of Pakistani was the issue" however, what are Pakistani players doing? Nothing at all. Their players are available for all six weeks and can certainly play T20 cricket. So it was the presumption that they might become "unavailable" that led to this decision. And since the team owners are pumping in the money, they have every right to put it where the investment returns. If they choose not to risk it, that's fine too. All we ask is that instead of skirting the issue and hiding behind shallow words, they let us know. What's that line about honesty being the best policy? Mohd Ziyaullah Khan,Jafar Nagar, Nagpur II Discrimination on caste and barrier The furor over non inclusion of Pakistani cricket players in IPL seems to be baseless and an indication of utter ignorance from the ground realities of Indian society. The move has to have some thing more than what the eyes met. Unforgettably, though, India is a proud and an ancient home to disriminations on various levels, including caste discrimination. Discrimination is deeply etched in our sub-conscious. A country engripped with thousands of years evil caste system, that decides the fate of a child right at the moment of his/her birth, and allows a higher caste rapist to get away after raping a lower caste girl, can't feel the essence and spirit of complete impartiality and equality on any ground let alone cricket. If India aspires to have an amicable position on the world stage and be respected genuinely then she needs to get rid of the caste system that doesn't spare even the Hon'ble Speaker of the Lok Sabha Smt. Meera Kumar, who was recently humiliated as CHAMAR. Mushtaque Madni. (Via email)   Jaswant Singh is an upright intellectual Jaswant Singh says ( Indian Express 14th Jan 10, "Jaswant Singh says wrong to demonise Jinnah") that in the last six decades there has been a shift in global centre of discord from Europe to East and South Asia. He termed the US drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan killing scores of innocent people as "unacceptable". He added that foreign troops fighting in South Asia is also "unacceptable".Very strongly, he feels that it is a great failure on the part of India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh to stop this slaughter and butchery. No one understands the US deception as much as Jaswant Singh. These are genuinely well thought out and scholarly observation on the part of Jaswant Singh. Because every power system in the world: India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Israel, and Europe, gained from 9/11, because 9/11 gave the opportunity to crush internal dissent of lesser powers. In the case of India and Pakistan, Kashmir, Waziristan and Baluchistan, in the case of China Uighur, in the case of Russia Chechnya, in the case of Israel Palestine and the list is long. But ruling cliques take these temporary successes into possible permanent successes under the illusion of American war on terror. Verily, they will come to regret later. The US is using the classical Machiavellian policy of getting two enemies, for instance in South Asia (India and Pakistan, and India and China, in the Middle East Iraq and Iran) to fight each other. The US pretends to bring peace to the subcontinent by helping to solve the Kashmir dispute ( similarly, in the Middle East to help stop Iranian Revolution of 1979 spreading to the American cronies, in the Middle East to help set up a Palestinian State).USA will allow Pakistan and India to act up to a point. But if India or Pakistan, for that matter breaks the rules, they are going to be punished (as Iraq was punished after the Iran-Iraq war). History has many instances of this, in Egypt, in Vietnam, in Iran, in Iraq, in Nicaragua, in Haiti, in Panama, in Chile, in Philippines, in Dominican Republic, in Algeria and the list is rather long. Anyone who is not going to accept American orders is going to pay for it; that is the implication of the message from Jaswant Singh.This is the way the US runs its power system. But as long as India and Pakistan, more or less obey American orders, there is no reason for the US to antagonize them. This is according to Jaswant Singh, the American imperial management. Palkodimir (via email)   Gujarat IGP Vanzara and the role of CBI Never in his wildest dreams would former Gujarat IGP DG Vanzara have imagined he would encounter the CBI one day. The man who was behind eliminating the dreaded terrorists in between 2002 and April 2007 by carrying out seven encounters in Ahmedabad alone. But he proved himself wrong in the case of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, who was killed in a false encounter on November 26, 2005 on his way to Sangli, even his wife, Kauserbi, was injected with Pentothal and apparently burnt. Her body was never found. Thanks to the letter from Sohrabuddin's brother, Rubabuddin, to the Chief Justice of India which led to a preliminary inquiry by the CID and later to a writ petition before the apex court. Handed the probe, DIG Rajnish Rai did the unthinkable: He arrested Vanzara and IPS officers Dinesh MN of Rajasthan and Rajkumar Pandyan of Gujarat. Deputy SP Narendra Amin was arrested and accused of murdering Kauserbi. On January 12, 2010, the apex court directed that the CBI be given the investigation. This probe can now bring out the required evidence to indict not just more police officers but also their political masters. That no serious inquiry was instituted in seven "encounters" in Ahmedabad raises grave questions about the bona fides of the government. It would have been impossible for a Gujarat police officer to dare look for evidence that may implicate the political bosses. That hurdle is now removed. Now that the majesty of the law has once again been established by the Supreme Court, the country will have high expectations of the capability and impartiality of the CBI. Numerous allegations have been levelled at the Modi government in the last seven years, but none have stuck. Either they are wholly innocent or too smart to catch. We have to now wait and see what the CBI can do. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur   Kalam and his vision for the growth of India APJ Kalam has been a phenomenal president of India, and is known for his austerity and down to earth attitude all across the nation also was called as the People's President. His current visit to Nagpur has been confined to meeting children and young people hailing from different schools of the town. His love and affection with the kids is understandable and appreciated, however, he is more required in the circle of young professionals, Scientifics, research personnel, higher studies students, professors etc. With having another important tag of Missile man, which has embarked India to get to the zenith, his skills and experience shall be more required to educating young in domains like science and technology. Since the vision he had for the nation of having a knowledge commission and evolving a knowledge society and giving the vision of 2020, is more required for the novice and youngsters. His idea of utilizing the existing knowledge and wealth can pioneer to improve the quality of life - in the form of better health, education, infrastructure and other social indicators. Ability to create and maintain the knowledge infrastructure, develop knowledge workers and enhance their productivity through creation, growth and exploitation of new knowledge will be the key factors in deciding the prosperity of this Knowledge Society. Whether a nation has arrived at the state of knowledge society is judged by the way the country effectively deals with knowledge creation and knowledge deployment in all sectors like IT, Industries, Agriculture, and Health Care etc. These thoughts and philosophies need to be reciprocated to our young professional's rather only children having the access to him and his persona. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur   Social resurgence - an urgent need for Muslims Security, Identity and Equity are the 3 major problems faced by the Muslim community in India as per Sachar committee report.The Liberhan commission report is yet another eye opener for us that no one else would come and change our situation. Most of us are "satisfied" till we have our daily food and water,etc, but for those who are forced to face any trouble, they see inequality in justice, partiality, unable to expose their identity as a Muslim and many instances, no security for their dignity, lives and property. Unfortunately, majority of Muslims are in the above situation or have faced atleast once in their life time.The question before us is "Do we need to be in the same situation for ever?" Unfortunately, when we speak like this, few of us are struck up in the mind set that this a call for any act of terror or many of us think this is not possible and it is due to our own "acts". But all of us want this situation to change and may not know how can these happen?The motto of Popular Front is Freedom, Justice and Security and our aim is total Muslim empowerment, which has inspired many other Islamic organisations functioning in various parts of India to get united under Popular Front. At present 8 different organisations has joined less than one umbrella, Popular Front. We also have joined with several many other organisations for a common cause, for example- for the release of Muslim prisoners. A social change is the need of the hour and for that change, Popular Front organizes its first State Conference on Feb 20, 21, 2010 in Madurai. A social resurgnece is mandatory today to change the ill fate of the ummah. Insha Allah, this conference would kickstart a social change towards Muslim empowerment and I invite you on the behalf of Popular Front to join this conference. Mohamed Farook   Media should focus on Kalyan Singh
 factorover SP's current state
Before people could make up their minds about the issue of Amar Singh parting with Mulayam Singh, media should come out with fact or facts, as to who was responsible for inducting Kalyan Singh into Samajwadi Party, even with the open secret that Muslim votes in UP will desert Samajwadi Party for this act of gross misjudgement. Who had soft corner for Kalyan Singh, Amar Singh or Mulayam Singh? And why? Unless this mystery is outed, people will not be able to judge who is right and who is on the wrong. Samajwadi Party has carved a distinct ideological role for itself and had Muslim votes committed to it. What went wrong? Ghulam Muhammed,Mumbai   Dawn for Dalits, when? The Dalit boy who became the Chief Justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan in his last months in the office is ruing the fact that class prejudice against Dalits has not come down. He says, "The prejudices are on the increase. It may not be visible on the surface for the prejudices are more sophisticated now." This raises serious concerns about the reservation system adopted in 1950 to uplift Dalits.The reservation system was a very noble gesture towards the Dalit community to compensate them for centuries of oppression thay suffered at the hands of the upper castes. Unfortunately the system got politicized and corrupted. It helped the Dalits little and made them the object of hatred of the upper caste. [There is a lesson here for the Muslim community who is now clamoring for reservations.] Unlike what the CJI Balakrishnan says, the prejudices against Dalits are not so much under the surface. They are quite visible and rampant. It was not for nothing that as late as in 1989, the Parliament had to pass the SCs and STs [Prevention of atrocities] act 1989. At the end of 17 years since the Act is in place the atrocities on Dalits are unabated. There is a PIL pending in the Supreme Court since 2006 which seeks the proper implementation of the act which has so far proved to be a dead piece of legislation. How long will the country keep trampling on the downtrodden? Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,Santacruz West, Mumbai   Dignity of human lives differs from Palestine to Israel In the course of the last four days, eight Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces. This in comparison to last year's death toll of over 1,400 during Israel's Operation Cast Lead seems like a miniscule number. But each death is its own event, at least it should be. Sadly, however, when the death is a Palestinian one, the event barely bleeps across the radar. But when an Israeli dies as a result of a suicide bombing or Qassam rocket, everyone knows. The victims become real people, with stories and families. Their innocence is exaggerated in the press to the point where the reader might feel they were a family member rather than a stranger. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are treated as numbers, statistics, and worst of all, as responsible for their own misery. What seems to be missing is the fact that the Palestinians - regardless of their miscalculations and internal fighting - are still occupied and oppressed. But can they be called terrorists when they fire largely innocuous rockets into Israel for which the military reprisal is grossly disproportionate. Absolutely not. Terrorism comes in all different shapes and forms. Expropriating land from its original owners to build illegal structures on occupied land is a form of terrorism. Bombing residential areas packed with innocent civilians is state-sponsored terrorism at its best. But the United States knows a thing or two about that. We all are reminded of how many US soldiers died in combat "fighting for freedom" in Afghanistan and Iraq. But who keeps count of the hundreds of thousands of Afghanis and Iraqis killed since the US invaded and occupied their countries after September 11? Safiya Sameena, Vijayawada   Justice delayed Maulana Ghulam has been acquitted in Mumbai case. He had to spend his precious time in jail for the crime, which he was not even aware of. Recently in another case a man spent his 28 years behind the bars for the crime which he had not commited due to mistake of the hair analyst. There are many similar cases in Guantanamo Bay detainees. The documentation by BBC of the meeting between Neely, a guard at the prison with his British based ex-detainees is commendable. The lost years and reputation will be almost impossible recoup. These cases reveal a lot negative about the Justice system and a through revamping of the Justice System need to be done at the local and International level. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh   Plight of farmers Much has changed in India in the last two decades. Concern for the farmer seems to have fallen off the political agenda, and from the pages of newspapers. Go through a week of any major newspaper in India and see how many times you find the words and phrases - farmer, rabi, kharif, rain-fed, rural indebtedness, fractured land-holdings, scarcity of seeds, procurement price. I would guess that in an average week these words would be hard to find. Their absence tells a story - not just of the neglect by the media of a sector that concerns the majority of people in this country, but the direction the Indian media has chosen to take. From a time when the media understood its 'role' in India as one of recording all developments and reporting as much of the news as possible - including events that were not particularly exciting like crop failures - we now have a situation where the media has chosen to ignore a whole slew of issues and events, treating them as non-news. Farzana Nigar, Ranchi   Price rise is a concern for one and all Off late the Media and certain section of our society have been taking Sharad Pawar to task on the price rise issue. They have been trying to shift the blame for escalating prices of essential commodities, including food items, on states on the agriculture minister. But the fact is instead of targeting the right person, the Media seems to have bullying him for reasons unknown. While the fact of the matter is the country's Finance Minister, Mr. P Mukherji seems to be untouched and unnoticed by the media and moreover the PM and his close one seems to have shielded him on this issue. The argument the government poses is nothing but an attempt to divert people's attention, than addressing the situation earnestly. The issue of price rise is a matter of concern as it affects the common man the most. The Govt though argues that such situation is mainly due to shortage of essential commodities like pulses, sugar and edible oil and hence the public distribution system needs to be strengthened. The finance minister however accept this fact, however, seems to be least bothered to do in this regard. The UPA government needs to investigate this and the other factors which has led to this unprecedented price rise in the country and punish all those responsible, whether it be state governments or Union ministers, rather shifting the debate to someone who has no relations to the issues of finance. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur