Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor

I have the absolute right to declare Girish Karnad a saint

The people who gave V. S. Naipaul an award in Mumbai had the right to give what they pleased to whom they pleased. After all, they paid for it. Pay the piper, call the tune. They were not authorised by the people of India to give the award: they had appointed themselves. Thus by no stretch of the imagination can it be said that India gave Naipaul an award. In the world of music, of which Girish Karnad spoke, it is routine for musicians to be honoured by associations which they themselves have formed for the purpose. Such puppets propping themselves up are only to be smiled at if not ignored completely. Similarly, I have the absolute right to declare Karnad a saint, and no one may look askance at that or at what I expect or get in return. My antics do not drain their pockets, after all. On the other hand, Karnad -- and all Indians who can think -- can and must denounce a writer who has been honoured apparently for giving vent, in several published works, to a blind hatred for very many Indians. That hatred is to be opposed specially because it has the power to reproduce itself in the weak minds of many who will then use their muscles to act upon it. That hatred is to be opposed because it both draws upon and feeds the malign plan that the Hindu Right has for the destruction of all that is civilised about India and, thus, the destruction of India itself.
Mukul Dube
Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091

Kidnapped Muslim girls sold
Roshni Khatun d/o Md. Ramzani and Shama Perween d/o Md. Aziz of Thana area, Imamganj Mohalla, Muzaffarpur, Bihar was kidnapped on 7 November by a group of human traffickers. Police caught Sital Mishra from Bairiya area of Muzaffarpur who accepted that the two girls (Roshni Khatun, Shama Perween) was sold in Uttrakhand. (MG / 1- 15 Sept. 2012). Muslim girls are targetted.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslims in appearance, devils in action
They are Muslims in name only whose action seem like those of monkeys to whom America gave wine in bottles having Islamic labels, first to drive away communism from Afghanistan and then to stall Islamic Revolution. Hence the satanic bombings everywhere including religious places, caravans and gatherings. This is a Zionist conspiracy to divide Muslims and defame Islam which continues to spread among ladies and gents who have brains to think with
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150

Karnad And Naipaul
There are people who try to spit on the moon ,there are people who applaud their action. There are number of people who deny the existence of God. There are great number of people who not only believe in oneness of God and all the messengers of God. They also believe prophet Mohammad as the last prophet of God. He not only brought perfect code of life and more than 100 crores now present in this world. 57 countries are ruled by them. We saw just one week before 30 lakhs Muslims gathered in Mecca to perform Hajj which is obligatory on rich Muslims to perform once in life period. Mecca is the place where Prophet Abraham had constructed a house of God. His infant son was crying for water ,God sent Gabriel to make arrangement of water. Gabriel hit his foot beside Ismail. The water came as a jet from the ground, Hager the wife of Abraham made a trench and called the water ZamZam meant stop stop. The same spring is present till now near the house of. The water is coming out since last 4000 years and crores of people drink and carry to their countries. It is the live miracle to the people of world but the persons like Naipaul are not allowed to enter the house of Allah. Though he was awarded Noble prize but he lost his own nobility and could not appreciate the contribution of Prophet Mohammad to the humanity. He deprived himself from pilgrimage of Mecca It is the great misfortune of Non Muslims They will have to answer God after death. And they will be thrown into Hell for ever Naipaul’s Noble prize will not be of any use then Jews Christians and Brahmins are anti Muslims and Anti Islam. There are some Historic reasons for the enmity of Muslims. But Brahmins oppose as they believe that they are superior caste and they born from the head of God. This the false and unscientific behind their animosity. Islam as other religions believe that whole humanity has born from one father Adam and Eve. The Brahmins think that the faith of Islam spread in India the fabricated superiority of Brahmins will end. Mr. Naipaul Brahmin by birth failed to study Islam with unprejudiced mind. he tried to spit on the moon but the spittle fells on his mouth and he will malign the the noble Noble Prize awarded to him Mr. Girish Karnad wanted to save him from getting bad name and nothing else. It was his moral obligation
Dr A H Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Addiction of TV serials
Never-ending TV serials make viewers psychologically sick by making them TV-addicted. Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting should frame some guidelines so that single-story TV serials like may have some maximum number of episodes say 52. Viewers are so much addicted to over-stretched serials that they continue glue-sticking to TV sets for such serials even though they may not like these. These TV serials continuing till about mid-night dilute working efficiency of common persons. However such a restriction may not be for a serial with separate story for each episode. Epic serials with a known story like Ramayana, Mahabharat etc may also be exempted from any such suggested restriction.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 110006

Naivety Of Mohan Bhagwat
The chief of RSS should have played his part to uphold the morality of BJP by asking Nitin Gadkari to resign as Party president. But he showed his naivety and asked BJP to deal the problem at his own level. This may indicate that He might have some soft corner with Gadkari. Even the favor of LK Advani has got some illegitimate links with him. If gadkari has resigned at this moment it should prove a good lesson to the congress party and people would have ask Sonia Gandhi to resign in view of the allegation leveled against her son-in-law. Vadra. The BJP can get easily the alternative of Gadkari. But it would be difficult for congress to get the lady of the stature of Sonia Gandhi. Kejriwal has thrashed both congress and BJP. They become ridiculous if they blame Kejriwal. They should slough off the ministers first pending enquiry. The moral position of Kejriwal is high. the majority of the people are favoring him on the moral ground. Mr. Gadkari being a Brahmin should not have shown materialistic mind set being on a high profile assignment. As national president of a All India Political party.
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Women honour
Nice to note that indecent showing of ladies’ body is to be banned. But then what is the opinion of the genuinely and sincerely concerned women about those cheer girls and models who themselves exhibit their charm before the whole world? Is money worth selling every honour
S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150

Dalits, Dr Ambedkar, Buddhism and Islam
Dr Ambedkar though had converted to Buddhism along with his friends. But the majority of Dalits remained as Harigens. They could not get dignity and honor in Hinduism. Though the Dalits got reservation 27% but they failed to get social status. Even after laps of sixty years the Dalits are looked down upon. If a Dalit boy marries a Brahmin girl he killed mercilessly. . Those SCs who have converted to Islam. They got full respect and honor. They married Muslim girls now they doing services in Middle East countries. They going for Hajj Without any discrimination. The converted Muslims are Hafiz-e-Quran. They lead the prayers and enjoy additional respect from Muslims. If Dr Ambedkar had studied Islam with out biased mind he definitely had embraced Islam. All the Dalits would have accepted Islam and enjoyed equality and brotherhood of Islam. They are now attending Dhammachakra and thinking that they are getting honor. but they cannot imagine to become the chief of RSS. If Dr Ambedkar had seen the plight of SCs in villages he could have repented on accepting Buddhism. Those educated Dalits still have the chance to embrace Islam if they want real equality and fraternity they can come into the fold of Islam. The Muslims are ruling 57 countries independently. They can establish brotherhood from Muslims and enjoy the equality. Reservation is nothing but an alms or charity The lovers of Ambedkar must ponder over this issue. Honor and dignity is more than wealth. How they can believe that Brahmins have took birth from the head of God and Dalits have taken birth from the feet of God. Even Ambedkar has rejected this Belief
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Dear Mr Balbeer Punj did you ever think?
Good morning. Whenever I see you I praise Allah that He has bestowed you a handsome and charming face. You should be ever thankful to as you do not had any struggle to achieve this quality. It is exclusively a gift of God. Sometimes I think in the present Indian atmosphere where Hindu, Sikh and Christian girls do not practice purda or veil ,in hundreds might have proposed or selected you as their bridegroom. In your religion polygamy is not permissible therefore you had to limit yourself on only one wife. But like Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee and Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi you too might have had premarital sexual contacts but as a Muslim I have been directed to think good about others unless I see anything bad. Women is the most attractive product of the nature. Everyone wants more than one. The history reveals that kings and Rajas had hundreds of wives and enjoyed their worldly life in their youth. Only the old age compelled them to be away from the fair sex. I wrote something about your external appearance. But I want write your internal beauty or character. It is disputable needs correction. As a Brahmin you have the belief that God has created your caste from his Head the Harigens have been produced from His feet. I do not know whether you personally believe in this belief or not or you had deferred in your write up. I think you have not revised or tried to disown this belief. This belief has been discarded by scientist. Muslims, Jews and Christians believe in the Adam and Eve theory. The world has not accepted your belief. And you also did not try to impose your belief on the Indians. You are well aware that this belief has been discarded politically and socially. Even the constitution of India does not endorse this belief. It has directed to give reservation to SCs and STs only for Ten years but the later governments are giving reservation till now and it is supporting the caste theory. Mayawati being a Dalit has enjoying the reservation for her caste and also got political power on the basis of her caste she preferred political power and forgo her dignity and equality in the Hindu Dharma. The Brahmins are enjoying the self made belief. Their superiority is not gifted by God but it is acquired one. Being highly educated and chairperson of Think Tank you did not refute this belief. You are knowing thousands of young lovers belonging to different caste are being killed. They have coined a law called honor Killing. Paras and Shayli is the recent case They were in love since last 7 years. The parents never mind for their love. When they got married the husband was killed and his dead body found in 20 pieces. The both spouse were Hindus. The husband was a charming lad like Mr. Punj and attracted shyly she was from a higher caste. After marriage he might have consummated Shyly. She lost her virginity and no other good boy will agree to marry her. If at all marry her the husbands life will be at risk. The kin of Paras may take revenge and cut his body into 30 pieces. I want to ask you Mr. Punj you always write against Muslims Did you think of this bloodshed in the name of honor killings. Your girls come to the Bazaar, college, university, Hospital etc with open attraction , certainly the blooming youth will fall in love (opposite poles of magnet attract). The society must check and nib the bud. But the societies never apprehend till they get married. The Castism is wrong, the practice is more harmful. This the main reason the Hinduism did not spread in other parts of the world. On the other hand Islam though a new religion spread like fire and now Muslims are ruling 57 countries independently. Did you ever think why it spread so fast? Even now Islam is spreading in each and every country. All the teachings are divine Mohammad (sas) was the prophet of God The holy Quran has guided the humanity in all the walks of life, It has a complete code of life, the code of worship, the of governance, the code of inheritance and a role model in the shape of prophet Mohammad. The holy Quran has allocated the ladies share in the property of father and deceased husband. You are an educated person knowing every thing. Let me the main reasons of hostility with Muslims in India ,What I can perceive that Muslims ruled this country for 800 years ,It was your opportunity to rule this country but Muslims deprived your community. Though Muslims ruled for such a longer period but they did not Killed Hindus and Made them Muslims at the point of gun. Islam itself is against coercion and compulsion. Aurangzeb was an emperor he was the monarch of present India ,Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and Afghanistan. He had a strong army If he had ordered to kill all the Hindus in India it was not impossible for him ,At least he could massacre all the Brahmins. The noble Moghals did not commit such a sin. Changez Khan and Hal aku Khan were not Muslims. Now the question arise as to why you and your party specially Brahmins are hostile to Muslims. You dub them as Maleech. You want to treat all Muslims of India as Bangla deshi Intruders. Assam riots were done on the pretext of Bangla Deshi infiltrators. But the Gujarat massacre was purely on the satanic urge of Modi It is said you want one common enemy to keep all your castes united. Muslims can serve this purpose as you do not moral teachings to unit all the Hindus. Hidus do not have concrete faith There Hindus who do not believe in God they are Nastiks but they treated as Hindus. There some Hindus who are purely vegetarians. There are some casts which are perfectly non-vegetarians they even consumed pork. Some Hindus bury their dead bodies into the ground and Brahmins burn their dead bodies spreading lot of pollution. This disparity in disposing of the dead bodies must be eliminated. All the Muslims of the world bury their dead bodies no question of pollution arises and it is a simple phenomenon. To maintain the level of enmity between Hindus and Muslims, activists like Pragya Thakur, Prohit Pandey Made bomb blasts on several places and killed innocent Muslims and put the blame on Muslims only. She told that they wanted to establish Ram Rajya in India. As an ideologue may I ask you have you Guided her to follow the line of action was it indispensable to kill some hundreds of Muslim to establish Ram Rajya. If you do not agree this line of action then who is the master mind? And how a young and Beautiful girl transformed herself a Sadhawi and performed a scared ritual? Is it mention in holy books? Being a scholar of Hindutva you should be able to explain the methodology adopted by Pragya and Prohit. The Hindu society needs thorough overhauling. The intensity of crime is increasing day by day. There is a suicide row in Hindu community. Foetile, female infanticide became rampant. In Rajasthan no baby child could take birth since 19 years. The BJP is in power let us know what the BJP stalwarts are doing by sitting in Delhi. Woman is not safe in the capital city. Atrocities on woman are increasing day by day. Rape and gang rape are very much common. The culprits kill the victim and coock her flesh and eat. A son raped his mother and murdered along with his friend this is such heinous crime we can not come across in the western countries. The BJP, Congress and all other major parties should have declare Bharat Band. Mr. Punj, It seems you are working on a single point programme how to harm Muslims and disfigure Islam. But you are over looking moral and spiritual losses being incurred to the Hindu society. You are in pride that you have a superior caste, Brahmin. You neglect degradation of moral and spiritual bent up of Indian society. Lastly I doubt your selection as chairman of the think tank by your physical attraction not by the mental and intellectual talent. Hope you will read this letter in your think tank members and reply on each remark.
Sincerely yours
Dr. A. H. Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
  Press day and Urdu media
I. P. R. D. minister of Bihar Brishen Patel advised press on press day function at Patna that journos re-establish credibility the credibility of Urdu media dimished. I present an example of this that English daily printed a report based on research with title “Ganga is now a deadly source of cancer” ToI / 17/10/12 where as Urdu daily printed (22 Oct.) the statement of Gautam Singh “Ganga water in Amrit for human lives”
S. Haque, Patna

Let U.S.A. answer
U. S. imposed hefty fine ($ 4.5 billion) on British energy giant B. P. for oil spill in 2010 which damaged acquatic lives and loss of acquiatic livings. In the name of W. M. D. (weapons of mass destruction) hid in Iraq, U. S. imposed medical and food ban. 20 million kids and human died and then U. S. attacked Iraq millions Iraqee lost their lives. But the WMD propaganda proved balatant lie. Let U. S. answer that how many trillion dollar compensation & criminal claims U. S. A. has to pay to Iraqis?
S. Haque, Patna

Punish - saffron brain police
Chennai police arrested Ameer Tawah for taking picture of finance minister P. Chidambarn near Chennai airport and remanded judicial custody for 15 days Mah. Police arrested Shaheen dada for posting comments about Mumbai closure on Thakre death. Kapil Sibal said police didn’t know I. T. rule. Police know rule but saffron mentality works. After knowing P. C. only requested police to release. Muslim organisation must take the matter of injustice & excess by police and punish the culprit saffron brain wala policemen.
S. Haque, Patna

Gram Swaraj - dream of Gandhi sheltered
Gandhi Ji sought gram swaraj in independent India by giving powers to the villagers through panchayti raj. Many states brag a success for running panchayti raj. the dream of Gandhi sheltered as his body was captured by bullet fired by Nathu ram godse. In panchayti raj rampant corruption rotten the environment of village. Those who were not capable of maitaing motor cycle are moving on bolero. From ward member to mukhia and block heads are busy in looting public money and each post of panchayti raj has established a standard from motor cycle to Bolero or Safari as per their corruption following the M. L. A., M. L. C. & M. P. foot steps.
S. Haque, Patna

Secularism to deceive Muslims
Before U. P. assembly election U. P. A. lead by congress brought 4.5% reservation for Muslims. It was quashed by A. P. high court then announcement came from congress that government would go to S. C. This is sham secularism. For adhikar rally JD (U) M. P. RP Singh announced that “Muslims fill the Gandhi maidan on “adhikar rally” then news came that Muslims leaders got fair representation in adhikar rally (Urdu daily spread this news but never published Muslims representation in govt. jobs). Congress fielded Pranab Mukher Ji and his son on Jangi Pur parliantry seat where 70% voters are Muslims. This is fake secularism played to decieve Muslims.
S. Haque, Patna

Judiciary must stand for justice
Judiciary is last stage where people may get justice because many a times judiciary gives decisions also. To establish civilised society and to save democracy justice must prevail otherwise democracy would turn into demonocracy. But alas judiciary crumbles at critical time. In Laxman Pur Bathe killing where 58 down trodden dalits were butchered in broad day light. One of Patna court announced verdict hanging for 16 and life imprisonment for 10 persons. The case reached Patna high court where justice Mihir Kumar Jha & justice A. K. Trivedi refused to hear for reasons not known to any one. Justice Jha and Trivedi bench refused to hear dalits butchering is a matter great worry for judiciary. How justice would prevail?
S. Haque, Patna

Is secularism a tamasha for Muslims?
Second largest community of India is Muslims and Muslims had been ruler for 900 years but its condition is now worst than dalits why? Muslim must introspect why it could happen? Muslims are naïve people they are swayed by only promises of political leaders like Muslims trusted congress for 40 years, 37 yrs. on left front in W. B., 15 yrs. on RJD in Bihar, and on Nitish Kr. for 2 terms etc. Political parties and leaders deceived Muslims by promises, chadars laying on Mazaars, organising mushairas and now visiting Pakistan etc. are tamashas of secularism played to rob Muslims share. It is Muslim’s leaders thinkers and media’s duty to awake Ummah that secularism without justice is nothing but a tamasha.
S. Haque, Patna
  Secular leaders buckle at saffron conspiracy
Mulayam Singh promised to release innocent Muslims arrested in the name of terror. His party won U. P. assembly and in 8 U. P. cities riot broke. U. P. CM Akhilesh Yadav said it was conspiracy of Bhagwa group. Innocent Muslims are languishing in jail and U. P. government (S. P.) withdrawn the cases against BJP M. P. Varun Gandhi who abused and threatened Muslims. In Assom again riot broke killing 5 persons and in Hyderabad due to congress government biased act M. I. M. withdrawn support to congress government and riot broke again due to disputed mandir at Charminar congress led Maharashtra government said lower staff and lower bureaucracy treat Muslim biasdly U. P., A. P., Assom, Maharashtra are states where so-called secular leaders and parties are in power they buckle at saffron conspiracy and as saffron conspiracy to wipe out tears from the eyes of Muslims. After demolition of Babri Masjid the then P. M. Narsimha Rao promised to construct Babri Masjid at the same place. Instead of streangthening secular parties or leaders Ummah must streangthen themselves by “Ta’leem, Tanzeem & Tejarat”
S. Haque, Patna

Reason for Muslims backwardness
Muslim ruled India for 900 yrs. but now its condition dipped lower than dalits. Why? there mustbe some reasons for our backwardness. One of the foremost vital reason is Ummah who forget importance of education. On Sir Syed day Muslim of U. S. A. organised “world mushaira” where as fans of Sharat Chandra (writer of Dev Das) established Mokhsda girls high school at Bhagal Pur in the name of Sharat Chandra’s wife name Mokhshda. Dalits are motivating their people to “leave broom hold pen” What Muslims organising?
S. Haque, Patna

What Sachin should do?
Instead of speaking to selectors Mr. Sachin should query his own conscious, If he fails to listen its voice he should go the common viewers. His conscious will negotiate him to stop playing. As he had played much and earned lot of money. If he has moral and spiritual values he will try to rejoice his Creator. and will start giving service to humanity. There is a famous proverb MANAVA SEVA IS MADHAVA SEVA ,India has 80% poor people He can invest 80% of his capital for a good cause of the down trodden. Imran Khan has laid a good example. Being a Muslim he believed that whatever he expends for poor he rewarded in the life hereafter in the form of Heaven. Sachin Being a Brahman has the belief of Punerjanm. He too has to die once leaving all his wealth. .I therefore advice him before the selectors reject him he himself voluntarily retire honorably. He should malign his record and get bad name from the nation and hic cricket fans.
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Some of the recent episodes of freedom of speech and expression in the near past over online social platforms have made many of us perplexed about, how much can we say that won’t get us into trouble or being a mute spectator could be your best approach. The clarity regarding freedom to expression is critical when a majority of today’s population use the internet all across the world and in our country. Ironically, India only claims to have free press since you could see a number of constraints to various forms of media. Even the top Indian newspapers apparently cannot dare to write anything about certain politicians. In another incident an instigator magazine which once held its name high for exposing Congress was supposedly raided and poached to submission. Now it covers critical stories on rival political parties. And then there are large media houses which sell ‘immunity from exposes’ for minimum revenue guarantee, and it works as a cherry on top for many of them to get off scott free. This simply portrays a fact at our nation, that ‘freedom of press’ is mere a theoretical concept in India than a set reality in the current scenario.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur -440013

It is regrettable that BJP has lost a veteran leader of south India. He was the man who brought the party in power. He was a strong man of Lingayet community. In the next elections the Lingayet s and minority communities will vote his party. By leaving the party he is free from the hatred of Muslims. Muslims can extend their Support to KJP. The BJP came in power not by peoples mandate bur due to the diplomacy of Yeddyurappa and his friends. It is the correct vision of Yeddiurappa that in the next elections the regional parties will get the mandate. BSY may do alliance with JDS or other local party and can come to power. The central leaders will repent on their folly
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Shivshankars tour of China is a failure attempt
It seems the National Security Adviser Mr Shivshankar Menon’s tour is a big failure. . The fact reflects with his assertion to Indian Media which he says “Media needs to’ more accurately reflect’ ties’ The key person who had deliberations with Chinese State councilor Dai Bingguo is Mr Menon not the Media men. It is his duty to more accurately reflect the severity of the situation between China and India. We know that China is vexing us from many sides ,we are almost being siege by Chinese forces. It has strongly warned all the countries which want to enter in South China see. It has declared that no country even India can trespass the sea, On this warning our Navy chief Admiral D. K. Joshi was prepared to go to the South China Sea to protect India’s economic interests. This was a timely action expected from the Navy Chief. But Mr. Shivshanakar has tried to diluted the clear cut statement. . Let us know what story a media man can manufacture at this juncture ? The important troubling matter was publishing og maps on their document and newly issued passports, displaying Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh and the south China sea as Chinese territory. On this issue Mr. Shivshankar would have been enraged but he said there was no discussion on this important and vexing issue between the two countries Why Mr Menon was mute and tongue tied? The talks on the border issue is ridiculous China is progressing its forces in our territory This is the proper time that our forces Should have necked out the Chinese forces. and talks should take place. Losing our land to China and conducting talks is nothing but accepting the retreat. . I wander how a sharp looking Menon can show such timidity and claim considerable progress on border talks Does he mean to say that China has made considerable progress into Indian territory. God may help our National Security Adviser. Why we should not allow Navy Chief to go to South Sea and show some courage. We show all our courage and dare to Pakistan only
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad.

Qabristan boundary work - one dept to other dept
Forcibly capturing Qabristan land, Mela on Qabristan clandestinely idol placing or with government official tacit support Qabristan paper transferred to private persons are commonly applied modus operandi to capture Qabristan land in Bihar. Seven years of Nitish Kumar government could not prevent the Qabristan land grabbing. Now the work of Qabristan Boundary is transferred to another department “local area development authority” where D. M. and Engineer would be responsible for Qabristan boundary execution. What will be the role of local public representatives, minority department, Waqf Board etc. is not known and at what level monitoring will be done? Shifting the Qabristan work from one dept to another is simply a gimmick and not on govt. priority.
S. Haque, Patna

Redefine rules, regulation and norms for minority commission posts
Former Uttarakhand minority commission chairman Sukhdev Singh namdhori was found with liquor baron Ponti Chadha when shoot out took place in the farm house where Chadha brother killed each other. Now other news about different cases upon Nandhari are coming out. Such person was chairman of Uttrakhand minority commission Patna H. C. slapped Rs. 25000 fine on Md. Naushad Ahmad who is presently chairman minority commission. While ordering the fine H. c. observed “It is a glaring example of attempt to commit fraud with judicial proceeding by petitioner” On the other hand BHRC chairman is retd. Justice S. N. Jha. It appears that there is qualified and authentic rule, regulation and norms to appoint human right commissions posts but minority commission posts are distributed to ruling party leader Bag carrier (sycophants) because no qualified rule regulation and norms. That is why minority commissions failed to observe constitutional duties in protecting minorities rights. Time has come either close these dead, dumb and blind minority commissions or redefine rules, regulations and norms for selection of members and chairman of minority commission.
S. Haque, Patna

Warning ball to Ummah
In the name of Islam a large number of lumpen elements among Muslim organise akharas during Muharram. To take out akharas (whole night lathi and other traditional fighting skill) roam in the town in which Muslim girls & women gather to see the akhara mela. For these akkharas, a large number of Muslim youth forcibly collect chandas. During Muharram akhara filmy & other obscene songs are played and youths dance. Now a days a new trend developed, that lathi, lights & traditional arms carrying thela (redi, carrying rickwhaw), carrot of liquor is accompanied with akharas, whole night they enjoy roaming in town in the name of Muharram, what ever they do is not at all tolerable in Islam. But no one is ready to stop these evil observed in the name of Islam.
S. Haque, Patna

Facats & distortion about Shahin & Renu
Rule says police cannot arrest girl in night but police arrested Shahin Dhada for posting her comments about a bund (closure) during last rite of a leader died a natural death. What news channels displayed without leader name. But important Hindi daily published a report on 21 Sept. about Shahin - Renu mentioning “during last rite of thakre bund (closure) is wrong….” Jagran 21 Nov. 2012 / Is Shahin mentioned the name of thakre in her post or not? Facts cannot be both and what is the conspiracy of media?
S. Haque, Patna

Israel for U. S. A. - Shiv Sena for Congress
U. S. A. can go to unlimited extent to save Israil because as Israil aggression increases against Arab countries, the Arab countries would surrender to U. S. because Arab countries are lagging in education and unity. Thus wealth of Arab countries easily looted by U. S. Very similarly shiv sena is presious for congress because Congress knows as shiv sena oppression against Muslim intensifies, Muslims would surrender to so-called secular Congress. That is why congress bred up feeded S. S. Congress is not interested to implement Sri Krishna Commission report and if F. B. matter Shaheen Dhada arrested. Congress can not tolerate even a pin pinch to S. S.
S. Haque, Patna

Congress policy about sensitive departments
Select committee of Rajya Sabha presented its report about Lok Pal in Parliament on 23 Nov. having recommendation that “barring sensitive departments P. M. would be covered under Lok Pal”. This is very old and clandestine policy to control over ruling livers of government through sensitive departments like intelligence department, home, foreign, police, militaries etc. After Independence so-called secular Congress stalward leader pandit Nehru government issued a secret government order not to recruit Muslims in sensitive departments
S. Haque, Patna