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Who killed Karkare? Appreciate your courage to pen this book. Your name will be written in golden letters in history of indian survival from terrorism. Urban Indians may not recognise you now but time will prove your patriotism. I salute you. Kamar Dheen II All the national dailies allot one day in a week one page for book review. They publish book review of various types of books including poem, poetry, music, drama fiction, novel, prize winning book, laws, environmental like wise. HT on 12 December has published books review among those "The Last Bullet" book written by slain IPS Saleskar wife who was killed in mysterious circumstances on 26/11 with ATS chief Karkare many magazines and National dailies are publishing review of the book "The Last Bullet". But no where or any national daily has published the review of the book "Who Killed Karkare?" why national Media is shy of publishing even review of the path of or truth and terrorism. National media is afraid of the book would get publilcity of truth this would devastate the image of ghost (via ISI, LeT, Laskar, HuJI…… Bangladeshi,…… etc. ghosts are Muslims) which media, rumour spreading society & saffron virus infected politicians with hard effort in 62 yrs. created an image of ghost would collapse. That is why they are not ready to talk about the book "Who Killed Karkare?" S. Haque, Patna III 26/11 has become the 9/11 of India. Like the real 9/11 there are various conspiracy theories coming up explaining the unexplainable regarding our desi version of 9/11? Starting from the very date of the carnage Urdu daily Rashtriya Sahara in its campaign led by Editor Aziz Burney came up with some pungent questions regarding the veracity of attacks. Painful questions are not ending since then. A book by none other than former IG of Maharashtra; S.M Mushrif titled "Who Killed Karkare?" has only aggravated the situation. The statement of Hassan Gafoor and most recently the revocation of confessional statement by Ajmal Kassab have proved to be the last nail in the coffin of the haphazard investigations led by our investigating agencies. A common citizen in this scenario wants no 'scapegoat' to be sacrificed to soothe the public agony but The Truth to be unveiled - The truth regarding the CST CAMA attack, the truth of IB knowing beforehand regarding the upcoming attacks, the truth of Kassab's arrest a month earlier than 26/11, the truth of the ill famed bullet proof jacket of Karkare etc. - Will these truths ever be allowed to divulge? Khan Yasir, New Delhi   Minarets Minaret is fundamental religious symbolic built on a mosque, so is dome built on a temple and a cross on top of a church. It is reported that the dispute took place between residents of Turkish origin and the owners of the houses next to a mosque in one of the villages in Switzerland, because it is believed minaret will ruin their neighbours' general landscape. The issue was blown up to the extent that political parties were involved and now it has become a national issue and members have voted for a ban from building minarets on mosques in the country. To oppose building a minaret is nothing but a political stunt due to religious intolerance which not only contravenes religious freedom but also is a violation of human rights. The ban has catapulted repugnant situation and has created bitter feelings between local residents and Muslims in Switzerland. I hope and pray there will be no reprisals from those on the extremes. Every community must have the right to freely practice it's religion without any restriction as long as it respects and coexists with people of other faiths. I would have supported the ban if electric gadget was installed in a minaret to call Muslims for prayers by a Muazeen, as is the case in Muslim as well as in a few non-Muslim countries, as this would disturb the neighbour-hood of the mosque which undoubtedly would not be tolerated. According to the media reports,wealthy Muslims were called upon by Daniel Cohn-Benedict, Green Group leader of the European Parliament to withdraw their money from Swiss banks in response to the ban. It is also reported, Austrian youths had launched a campaign to put Islam's minarets on Christmas decorations including greeting cards in protest of the ban. It is essential therefore all Muslim countries must unite and take immediate action to condemn the ban and appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. It is said, " if you don't start nothing,there won't be nothing." A.M.A. Pira, London (via email)   Creation of Minority Constituencies The living conditions of Muslims in the country are worst than the S.C. and S.T. communities. The majority of Muslims are in utter poverty. There is urgent need to improve the economic-educational and social conditions of Muslims. For this purpose we require good representations of Muslims in the State Assemblies and Parliament. It is learnt that there are about 120 Muslim majorities Lok-Sabha Constituency in the country. But today only 29 Muslims members in the Lok Sabha. Another sad thing in election commission is making the Muslim majority constituency as schedule caste reserve constituencies. For example Hubli city Assembly Constituency and Gulburga Lok Sabha Constituencies in Karnataka State. The Muslims representation in the State Assemblies and Parliament is going on reducing. To reverse this trend, all the Muslim members of Parliament irrespective of different parties should form Muslim's welfare front / association and should approach Supreme Court for equal rights guaranteed in the Constitution for all the communities to be extended to Muslims as well. The expert legal opinion may be obtained in the regard. The Supreme Court may be requested to issue direction to central Government to create minority constituency's wherever Muslim are in majority. Earnest continuous legal efforts should be made to achieve the good representations for Muslims in the State. Assemblies and the Parliament in 2014 General Elections. The same in ordained by Allah in Holy Qur'an Surah 13, Iyat 11 "verity never will Allah change the conditions of people until change it themselves (with their own souls)"It is clear form the above Iyat we must make efforts for improvement. Similar efforts should be made for all the Muslim's organizations in the country. Imam Saheb Itagi, Karnataka   You will get development when you vote for development The fact is that in India, the Govt., alone has the power and resources to uplift the deprived, provide relief and rehabilitation in situations of distress, invest in economic development and to give hope of justice to the downtrodden. India is a multi-segmented society. Only the Govt can give a due share of education and employment to all sections and help to eliminate hostile discrimination. Political power in our democracy is monopolized by a few dominant castes (about 20%) and the Govt. resources are largely used for the comfort and progress of these 20% dominant castes. This 20% combine political, economic and social power. It controls national resources and decides the course and content of development in the country. This is unfair. Who are the rest 80%? The 80% belongs to the SCs, STs, OBCs and the Muslim minorities. What initiative this 80% take to change things? Almost zero, except their precious votes, wasted once in 5 years. The Muslim minorities do not want a separate reservation as such but ask the Government to include them within the deprived segment (80%) of Indians who live on a daily expenditure of between Rs 20 to 50. Even that is denied. About 75% of the Govt., Expenditure in India, goes towards payment of salaries, wages, allowances and pensions. Is it not unfair that a particular caste(s), a specific segment gets 80% of this total Govt., Expenditure where as the economically weaker people including the Muslim minorities share the meagre 20% of the Govt. Expenditure? And in the case of the Indian Muslims, their share of the public sector employment is between 2 to 3%, and hence they get 2-3% of theGovt Expenditure. Rangnath Misra Commission has given valuable suggestions to correct this injustice but even the Prime Minister plays the political card of "national consensus" ( read NEVER), indirectly telling that all political parties need them to vote for them expecting nothing in return. M.J. Akbar, a veteran journalist puts it more convincingly as follows: For sixty years they have voted out of fear, so that is what they have got from those they elected: the politics of fear, the problem is that Muslims never tried to think of their own leadership. Indian Muslims don't have leaders, they have pleaders. They plead with their mentors for crumbs; and they plead with their electorate once every five years for survival. Indian Muslims will get development the day they vote for development. Pamameen(via email)   The 3 idiots-lessons learnt The movie "3 Idiots" has created furore in the box office, breaking all the previous records. The rating and reviews in various newspapers and website also suggests the same story. Apart from the business it has made, the most interesting question the movie raised is worth noting. The question mark posed on our educational system, the traditional approach in selection of any career, and the unbearable pressure laid down to any student from both the educational campuses and our parents puts on our young generation and so on and so forth. The whole movie has something or the other to teach, how the menace of ragging wrecks havoc in colleges, the unending pressure leading a student to commit suicide failing to meet the deadlines and the mismatch of one's zest and career chosen. The whole script of the movie kept revolving around the character of Rancho played by Aamir Khan, wherein he kept trying to make people understand that, the real education is not gaining marks to pass for a job, but trying and getting the required skills which the course is suppose to develop in you, rather being a Rattu Tota (one who mere memorizes everything and anything like a parrot) of the course syllabus, we have to understand the dynamics of things covered in the course. The right tempo and aptitude should be developed while undergoing through the course opted and the most important point is avoiding the common trend of the mismatch of the course opted and the nature and zest of the person. Mohd. Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Telengana Formation of separate Telangana will lead to distortion of the Indian nation. After separation the new states will quarrel with each other and the centre will not be able to dictate its terms. The intervention of the foreign countries such as America, China and Pakistan will increase day by day. They will fuel the internal feuds and will brand them as international problems. The centre will not play an effective role in such quarrels and will become weaker and weaker. Now to calm this turmoil all the separatist leaders be arrested and made them behind the bar and level the charge of anti national activity. Apart from allocating a separate budget for such states the Andhraites who are well of be surcharged for the development of Telangana region. Before conducting an all party meeting of Telagana leaders the home minister should conduct a meeting of all separatist leaders who want a separate state. The home minister should enlighten the fallout of the formation of number of states, and other remote implications. The centre can cut short the budget which is spent for the purchase of costly weapons from America, Russia and France etc Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga II The Telangana issue has put popular parties in a catch-22 situation. It seems that the center is left with little option related to bifurcation of the state and has to come out of abyss as soon as possible. Parties like Congress, TDP and PRP have tried to support both bifurcation and unification. These parties may not be able to achieve their goals by keeping their legs on two boats. The delay tactics by the center will help in cooling down the situation in the state and help in a cool headed solution. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh   Will US win the war in Afghanistan? The US was easily able to destroy the meager Afghan forces, in fact mostly by just bribery and a few Special Forces actions, and backing the northern Alliance. And in Iraq, it quickly took over by force. Afterwards, the US had little difficulty killing insurgents, but had to back down in the face of mass non-violent resistance. In Afghanistan the Bush administration did very little, and the current invasion is likely to face serious problems. This is not from lack of trying. Take South Vietnam, which the US invaded in 1962. Five years later the US had over half a million troops there, along with 100,000 mercenaries from other countries. It had bombed the place virtually to dust. The North Vietnamese who had started to infiltrate after the US spread the war to NVN were mostly at the borders. And nevertheless, the most remarkable uprising in history took place in January 1968, impelling the business world to compel Washington to begin to withdraw. This is what is going to happen, but there again the strategy of the US is not to win the war but reduce the invading nation (Afghanistan now) to Stone Age, destroying its culture and delaying its developments by 20-40 years. Palkodimir(via email) II The U.S. diktat to subject the citizens of as many as 13 Muslim nations to 'full-body' physical inspection is a clear attempt to paint the whole Islamic world in black. It is true that Muslims throughout the world hate U.S. But it is equally true that the U.S. is responsible for the chaotic situation prevailing in the Muslim world. The unjust patronage to the Israeli aggression on Palestinians, the war on Iraq on the use of WMD, the surge in Afghanistan, bullying tactics to subjugate Iran, the drones attack in Pakistan and Yemen are the glaring examples of the U.S. unjust policies. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa III The dropping of charges against Blackwater men is nothing short of injustice. Denial of Justice by a super power supposed to be a role model of Democracy and Justice is pathetic. This will go a long way in harming the judicial system world over and open a gateway to injustices. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh   Dubai’s 880 meters of arrogant-decadence Dubai has the longest one.... it is 880 meters high It does not reach the Heavens but it is the nearest to highest-absurdity. Why do Gulf- Arabs need such a long one are they suffering any inferiority complex or suffering from any sense of deprivation ?? Obviously they are !! Why not to spend this money on a university or on any hospital ??? On education or on sports.... how about on social-civic-development , don´t we all need it ?? How about teaching Saudi women how to drive and at the same time teach also Saudi-men how to drive   !! Teach to all the Gulf-Arabs that the priority , in car-traffic-rules is not related to the nationality of the driver...... Many other purposes would be more appreciated than this useless-Monster that has 1000 flats and 50 elevators plus all the decadence you can think of. To start with........ there is nobody to inhabit it !! and those who need housing cannot afford it !! It is designed by over-paid-Westerners while build by underpaid Asian- slaves. It is paid by Gulf-Arabs dressed in silk while build by Asian-slaves who slept on the site. It is standing in the desert of humanism and it serves only three purposes: Greed , greed and arrogance. For 10% ot its total cost one could build a underground-rail-tunnel between Gaza and the Sinai. For 20% of its cost one could totaly erradicate illitracy in Yemen and in  Egypt. For the money of its cost one could dump the Straight of Hormuz to keep away those western- invaders who came in............much too often. While the Scheikh of Dubai  shows us that "  his " is the longest , George Galloway is being beaten and harrassed by the Egyptian police because he is carrying food to Gaza. Raja Chemayel