“All Hindus are not terrorists...”

Swaminathan Aiyar is a senior columnist at The Sunday Times of India. He wrote an article “Terrorism is not a Muslim monopoly” in his paper on Jul 23, 2006. Much water has flowed down the bridge, but the hangover of all ‘terror’ in the world being the sole handiwork and monopoly of Muslims, still persists. Swaminathan faults India’s mainstream media for blindly and sheepishly following western media and its anti-Muslim propaganda in its demonizing of Muslims and even Indian Muslims.

However, recently Indian National Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh, on exposing Hindutva hand in a series of bomb blasts at Muslim religious sites, has come out with a different take on the old slogan: “All Hindus are not terrorists but most terrorists in India belong to the Sangh Parivar.”

To recall the entire gamut of ‘terrorism’ and its latest face, it is time to flash back to the very thought-provoking summation by Mr. Aiyar. Times have changed but the pressure on Muslims is still most suffocating and there is no sign of any let up by world media to try and present an objective assessment of its Islamophobia.

The great failing of India’s main secular political party, the Indian National Congress, is that it has overtly or covertly caused the arrest of hundreds of innocent Muslims youths accused of bombings their own Muslim religious places, be that Masjids or Dargahs or a passenger train carrying Muslim passengers to Pakistan.

The recent judicial confession by a mastermind of the entire series of bomb blasts, Swami Aseemanand, owning up the crime, has clearly exonerated all innocent Muslims who are incarcerated in Indian jails. Indian government, police, media should all magnanimously acknowledge their mistake, deliberate or inadvertent and swiftly move to free the innocents and grant them full pardon and generous compensation, so that India’s head be held high in the comity of nations of the world as a moral force for the good of all.