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MG I am very glad that the MG is going to complete its 10 years. It is fact that MG’s contents has so much informative, knowledgeable & related to Muslims affairs, whatever are happening all over the country and the world. As a matter of fact newspapers are major form of media communication. It has revolutionized the process of thinking. It has modified the way of life. But it is regrettable matter that Muslims are so far in journalism stream than others.There is no doubt Muslims communities publish so many Urdu Papers & Magazines but they are cipher for publishining English papers in this sensitive era some Muslims  organizations are feeling their responsibility like MG. May Allah give it long life for preaching Islam. Anis Reyaz II It is my great pleasure that I was subscribing MG since last year. MG provides immense information, materials, thought provoking articles/issues and focuses on the problems/conditions of Muslims communities which are in magnitude in numbers. You have rightly mentioned that MG endeavour to function as a think tank for the Ummah. I heartily congratulate you for completion of 10 years of MG publication. Indeed, it is difficult to survive in this competitive world that too with the limited resources. But it is commendable task on your part that you have surpassed all hurdles and scare resources.... U.F. Malek, Sarkhej Road, Ahmedabad - 380055 III It is a pleasure that our MG has entered its 11th year. Credit goes to you.           Yaqubmama, Godhra, Gujarat (via SMS)   Justice Saghir report on J&K autonomy Congrats for entering into 11th year of publication for Milli Gazette.MG has been courageously raising the Muslim issues. Salute to bold, unbiased, factual, vivid & honest reporting of happenings. Justice Saghir report has been handed over to J&K Chief Minister in Jammu few days back. The report focuses on the State-Centre relations. The report recommends ‘Autonomy’ for J&K State. Here at Srinagar the report has been unable to generate any academic & political warmth among both the intellectuals and commoners. In fact there a few people who responded to the report in positive sense. Autonomy being the political & election manifesto of NC got endorsement from NC activists. Majority by 8 large showed cold shoulder to the working group recommendations. Both the factions of APHC rejected the WG recommendation in toto. Syed Ali Shah Gilani from New Delhi rejected the Autonomy proposal for J&K and stuck to the UN resolutions on Kashmir. Like-wise Mirwaiz Umar Farooq too dispensed with autonomy like proposals and sought the tripartite talks on Kashmir. In Jammu region, the effigy of Justice Saghir was burnt at many places. The people there alleged Justice Saghir tilting towards separatist sentiments. Ladakh Buddhist Association at Ladakh too turned down the WG recommendations & urged the union territory status for the region. In such a diversified & polarized political atmosphere in J&K, Justice Saghir report fails to soothe the agitating masses of the state. Thus it seems that Justice Saghir recommendations are yet another fooly to befoil the people of J&K. The problem of J&K is such a complex issue that short term & cosmetic measures will fetch no results instead these half baked proposals do aggregate the situation & make the solution look far away. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq describes it a dilly dallying tactics. The wisdom demands that only serious & meaningful efforts from stake holders could pave way for final resolution of J&K issue. For that matter it is the people of J&K, Pakistan & India who should evolve a joint strategy to address the issue. The issue needs a broad based consensus for final settlement. The region is being devastated by growing intolerance, extremism & political polarization. Time demands that all pending international conflict should be resolved to build mutual trust & confidence which will usher vs to new era of peace, progress. Hoping that sagacity dawn upon the concerned parties to put their differences aside, come closer & make South Asia a Zone of Peace & Tolerance. Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Malla Bagh, Srinagar   Injustice in India Presence of delay in verdict in any country of the world is a symbol that the country based on injustice. Infact we are observing in India that such things are happening. Liberhan commission report is a good example to describe this condition because it will be judged when Advani will die it is very painfull thing to human beings and as far as humainity i remember that once our president Prithba Patil said; it is a bunch of nut to get justice in india i agree with this statement because the entirely the administration of india corrupted with bribe from top to the bottom from a higher minister to small clerk now it is a golden chance to indian muslims to save india from such as curruptions and establish an islamic state without enganging in diversity of fiqh and become a doctor to the pains of humainity Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbaga II The Liberhan Commission that probed the Babri Masjid demolition came down heavily on mixing politics and religion and has recommended a law providing for exemplary punishment for such misuse to acquire political power. Now after twenty years thanks to Justice Liberhan we know now, that the Babri Masjid demolition was the handiwork of politicians who wanted to quench their thirst for power through causing enmity between the followers of two major religion in India. Now my question is didn’t we all knew it on 6 th December 1992 itself, who were responsible for it? It seems what a common man knew all these years, the parliaments has come to know today. The voluminous report of the Commission, which was submitted in June, 17 years after it was set up under chairmanship of Justice Liberhan, was tabled in both the Houses of Parliament. The 13-page Action Taken Report , tabled by the Home Minister, said the government accepted the recommendation and is contemplating enactment of the Communal Violence Bill to prevent and control riots and setting up special courts to deal with them. But then no action featured in the action taken report against the people responsible for it. The government should realise that so much amount of time and money(tax payers money) has been spend on, just to know that mixing religion for political aim is wrong? Now did we wait all these years to hear this and expect the actions like such? In fact, The ATR makes no reference to the indictment of top Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and leaders of various Sangh Parivar outfits made in the report. To be very precise we are deeply “dissatisfied and disappointed” by the report and the ATR of the government tabled in the parliament today, which promises more commissions and committee, which means more jobs for our retired politicians respectfully, indeed... Aziz A. Mubaraki, Media Advisor to Shahi Imam, West Bengal   Chidambram on “Jihad” Delivering an Intelligence bureau centenary lecture in New Delhi on 23rd Dec Home Minister P Chidamabram lambasted on Islam saying just as the cold war end, we witnessed the emergence of another kind of war,namely Jihad. Jihad is a war or struggle against non-believers and currently it is waged by a number of groups owing allegiance to Islam, reports Times of India.It speaks the malacious mindset of the home minister of a secular country maligning the minds of already malicious mind of IB sleuths Dr T A Rehmani, President, MuslimPolitical Council of India II The Home Minister made an error when associating “jihad” with terrorism, but for the past ten years “Jihadis” have been called terrorists. It is most unlikely that we shall ever be able to re-establish the traditional definition of “Jihad” as the sole definition. I do not think we should make such a big issue out of the Home Minister’s error. Our war with extremism and terrorism must be serious and focussed and not distracted by such trivialities. Perverse Al Qaeda ideology threatens the very existence of Islam. We need all the help we can get to fight this evil, including the help of the Home Minister, who is a decent and fair-minded man. Let us be more serious about this war. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York, USA (via email)   Innocent Muslim Youths and Judicial System While holding an informal meeting with some judges of Karnataka High Court who were trying to impress him to take action against their own Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran in the case of land grabbing and other charges came down heavily against the Judges. While disapproving the allegations  against the C.J. the Ho’nble Minister said that accusing any one as culprit is against the Judicial System of the country, he therefore altogether bundled out any consideration for the action against C.J. on the ground that the Supreme Court has appointed the inquiry committee to look into the matter. However, in the case of Muslim youths, men and women and organisations who are arrested merely either on suspicion, false and fabricated charges, concocted stories and imaginary theories by the police are soon of their arrest declared most dangerous terrorists and enemy of the country who have a foreign link to wage a war against Government of India that too without any investigation and inquiry which is very much in the full knowledge of Mr. Moily, the Ho’nble Law Minister of the country. He has also having knowledge that the media, specially electronic media play vital role in channelising the process around the clock throughout the arrested only on the basis if police versions against the arrested are the Muslims second grade citizens of India for whom no provision or ethics of Law is available. Faheemuddin, Shabistan, Dutt Nagar, Nagpur- 440013         Plight of Gujarat Muslims The Indian Express has published a story which shows the depth of ingrained communal feelings against Muslims in India. It narrates how in Modi’s Gujarat, Muslims are changing their Muslim names to Hindu names, just to get jobs, which would have been denied to them, if their Muslim identity is known. I will blame Congress, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and now Sonia for this state of affair. It is they who had indulged in double game and systematically reduced 150- 200 million Indian Muslims to such a level of  desperation that their very survival as Muslims at grass root level has been so thoroughly become impossible. The other day, Indian  Express had carried an interview with World Human Right Watch. A Pew report mentioned in The Times of India earlier gave India the  dubious distinction of being wrecked by communal strife of the same intensity that has wrecked Iraq.  It is time, world at large takes note of how oppressed Muslims are in the so-called ‘secular’ and democratic India. If Muslims are  forced to change their religion by undergoing such hardships for their very survival, this is cause for serious alarm. Muslims should thank The Indian Express and Times of India, for swimming against the tide and forcing themselves against odds to bring such unpalatable ghastly truth into the public arena. Congress must pass very stringent hate crime laws to punish those who have enjoyed absolute freedom and unaccountability to carry out their nefarious hate campaigns. If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is so reputedly enomoured of his US connections, let him be bold and courageous enough to press for the same criminal laws that US upholds to fight religious hatred and criminal acts within their communities. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai II Amitabh Bachan’s recent visit to Gujarat and praising its CM is both surprising and dismaying, especially, for the clan of people to which he hails from. One can understand his interest in doing such act, since his movie ‘Paa’ is still on the board and he is putting his best to make it alive and fresh at the box office. And, in order to do this, he has to go to such an extent, this sounds really disturbing for his huge fan that moons over him the world over. Perhaps, this could be a start of a real bad end for a man of his stature, who had ruled the film industry since couple of decades and still admired for his exemplary performances in countless of movies. Or may be, he is a perplexed person at the moment, especially to the fact that his ‘Bade Bhaiyya’ (Amar Singh) sounds lingering nowhere in the political domain. After the breakup of the SP and Congress, the Samajwadi Party seemed to be cosying up to the BJP. Jaya Bachchan is also an MP from the SP. Does the Big B’s new found friendship with Modi mean that a political realignment is in the offing or does it mean that the Bachchans too may be moving away from the SP just as Amar Singh did? So is it a confused move of his of applauding a person like Modi, or is it a kind of ‘tasting the water’ theory, which he has adopted in order to see the mood of his fans and followers, or which road to eventually opt for is undecided. Probably, his mood at the moment sounds, trying to tread paths contrary to his conventional nature and zest for which he is known for. The ways or methods, which were never seen when he became the part of the movies like Khaki or Dev, wherein the character he played showcased a man who stood for justice and peace, regardless to the kind of threat lurking in his life. The movies which mirrored incidences occurred at that time, he had played the character of a spokesperson of marginalized people denied the justice and dignity. Now when we see him becoming a brand ambassador of Gujarat and a marketing man for its tourist places also shaking hands and sharing dinner with people like Modi (who is virtually a farce creator with a hoax called vibrant Gujrat), is nothing but a road towards disaster. I worried to see him deny the Honorary Doctorate awarded by the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, as Indian were attacked there in Australia, but the same Amitab Bachan goes all the way to Gujarat, meet and appreciates people like Modi, whose hands are still dipped in blood of more than 2000 Muslims killed in Gujrat Genocide, who’s scares on millions of people still remain deep. Mohd. Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Muslim village is handicapped but no one cares In Bihar, Sitamari is a district, and very near to Sitamari there is a village known as Mirghayaschak now known as Murgiachak having nearly 50 families all Muslims. This village is very near to district town but administration and the government does not know the problem of this village. There are so many people in this village are handicapped. The physically handicapped are ranging from born baby to old ones. Every family has one or two physically handicapped person. Pupil says that this phenomenon of being physically handicapped after flood in the year 1950. It is very pity to know the plight of Muslims invariably ignored by the Hindi or mainstream media. No Muslim or Urdu media earlier reported Muslims village plight. This shows how Muslims are lagging behind and in deep slumber. It is due to illiteracy among Muslims. But a very few among Muslims are working in the field of education and more and more Muslims are busy in Mushaira. The other thing which is spoiling Muslim minds are Muslim name in film industry, song, drama, story like in earlier days Shama Magazine, Ibn Safi Novel & Mantu stories made millat engaged in useless things. Urdu media give full page coverage to mushaira but not publishing such Muslims plight or other Ummah’s constructive endeavours. Muslim organisation & govt. should relocate the whole to another area and Doctor must visit the village to find remedy.To awake from deep slumber, Ummah must concentrate on education agenda only.        S Haque, Patna  ‘Time to Forget and Forgive’ Dear Dr. Punyani: I have read your article ‘Time to Forget and Forgive’ in the latest issue of the Milli Gazette.  You have correctly stated that those who do not have faith in the judicial process cannot be a part of the process of reconciliation.  The Hindutva groups have always insisted on the total and complete surrender of the Babri Masjid and of all Muslim rights over its site.  The Babri Masjid Movement had several rounds of negotiations with them before and after demolition.  But short of yielding any part of Masjid, particularly the hall and the open front courtyard used for Namaz, the Muslim side offered the outer campus in which the Ram Chabutra was situated for building the propose Mandir. They refused to take the offer. Sooner suggested building the mandir on top of the Babri Masjid or locating the Masjid in Ayodhya or constructing a magnificent masjid outside.  Some well meaning persons have also suggested since 1986 that the Muslims give up the Masjid for building a multi-denominational place of worship or a national monument or national museum (or over public toilets!) but these were not accepted by the Muslims because there are many sites in Ayodhya on which they can be constructed and there was no reason for the Muslims to give up the Babri Masjid site.
The false claims on Babari Masjid violated the basic law of the land, irrespective of whether Babri Masjid was built in 1528 after demolishing a standing mandir or on the ruins of an ancient mandir or on a plain land because it has been in their continuous possession & use right up to 23 December, 1949.  The Ram Janambhoomi Mandir has no claim under the General Law of Adverse possession &   illegal occupation cannot create a title.  There is no scope for any further negotiations unless there is an alternative feasible suggestion.   
The Muslim community has reiterated that it will accept the final judicial verdict while the RJM leaders have repeated that they will accept the verdict only if it is in their favour and that if it goes against them, they will be launch another ‘andolan’.  This amounts to implicit defiance of the rule of law and this attitude needs to be condemned Syed Shahabuddin